The Knapheide Manufacturing Company

Sustainability Statement

Our Environmental Promise

Knapheide's focus on sustainability can be grouped in the following four areas.


  • Knapheide has the most technologically advanced and efficient machinery and equipment in the industry.  The manufacturing process maintains a minimum of 94% raw steel material utilization rate.
  • Knapheide continues to utilize HY50 steel in the manufacturing process and have for over 20 years.  HY50 steel consistently delivers strength with reduced weight.
  • Knapheide's E-Coat system is extremely efficient in paint usage.  Knapheide has also installed frequency drives on the E-Coat system to conserve energy and lower consumption.
  • Knapheide's paint process includes using HVLP paint guns (high volume low pressure) which drastically reduces paint waste.


  • Knapheide has invested in alternative fuel partnerships in order to offer our customers alternative fuel, work ready vehicles.
  • Knapheide continually conducts research into alternative environmentally friendly materials that meet the standard of current products.
  • Knapheide explores using new components and resources to manufacture products that offer lower energy consumption.


  • 100% of waste steel is recycled.
  • Knapheide implemented an electronic records system several years ago  to eliminate unnecessary paper waste.
  • The majority of Knapheide suppliers utilize recycled material pallets to deliver raw materials, which are then returned to the suppliers for continued use.
  • The wooden skids that are used to move heavy raw materials are 100% recycled.
  • All cardboard received is compacted in the manufacturing facility and recycled.
  • Any paint or solvent waste is consumed by a local concrete business that utilizes the waste as a heat fuel.


  • Knapheide's campus is home to active farming operations to the south and west that practice environmentally friendly agricultral processes.
  • The retention pond located on the southwest side of Knapheide's facility is home to many different species of birds.