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Standard Service Bodies


Knapheide Utility Rack

Need a rugged utility rack you can depend on?  The Knapheide Utility Rack is constructed of durable square and rectangular steel tube and boasts a 1,000 lb. maximum capacity so you can haul even your biggest loads.  The sleek design accommodates for side forklift loading.  Standard finishes include black or white powder coat.

Knapheide Modular Tailshelf

The Knapheide Modular Tailshelf features a fully welded structure  and interchangeable components that enable users to fully customize based on their needs.  Modular Tailshelves are available in 89" and 94" widths and 12", 18", 24", 30", and 36" depths.  Preconfigured options include side wheel chock holders and blank side plates (in lieu of pass through compartment doors).  Cable steps, flex steps, vise plate, grab rail, and retainer rail are all available as loose options for bolt-on applications.  

Modular Cab Guard

Modular Cab Guard is available in numerous configurations to match most Knapheide Standard Service Bodies and domestic chassis, including kits for both 49" and 54" wide cargo area and J, LPJ, FJ, and FJ40 Knapheide Standard Service Bodies.  Pick and choose the components you want for your modular cab guard, including bolt-on side wings, side mount ladder rack, swivel hooks, and mounting plates for spot lights, turbo beam lights, strobe lights, go lights, and betts lights.  All Modular Cab Guard components are powder-coated for a durable, long-lasting finish.   


The E-track available enables the operator to secure large items within the cargo area, whether it be open or enclosed.  The option is available installed from the factory with either one row or two rows of E-track.  A wide vareity of add-on accessories are available to further customize for the application including ladder/tool hooks, stationary/swivel hooks, ring holders, tailboard channels, spare tire retainers, and bottle retainers.

Aluminum Mechanics Drawers

Mechanics drawers are constructed of lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy (manufactured by C-Tech).  Aluminum drawers are available in a wide variety of configured packages which include a combination of 3", 5", and 7" drawers.  Drawers slide on ball bearings and are rated for a maximum load of 250 lbs. Rugged red powder coat finish provides a long lasting finish.  Dividers are also available to further organize drawers for small tools and hardware.  The patented Motionlatch handle provides effortless opening and closing on each drawer.  


Using Sortimo can greatly improve the organization of your KUV or Service Body.  With the S-Boxx, M-Boxx, L-Boxx, and T-Boxx you have all the options you will need to organize your truck or van body.  By implementing a Sortimo storage system, many users have seen a significant increase in day to day productivity and greater earning potential.  Sortimo has been proven to shrink overall inventory levels on the truck which results in less inventory costs and more available payload.  If you own a KUV or Service Body check out our Sortimo products to increase your overall efficiency. 

Custom configure a Sortimo package for your Knapheide Service Body or KUV with our Online Sortimo Configurator!

Power Locks

Knapheide Power Locks are available on most KUV's and Service Bodies.  Increase your efficiency and security with a push of a button to lock or unlock all doors.  Integration with the chassis keyless entry system (if equipped) allows for both body and cab to be operated with chassis key fob.  Audible signals inform user when compartments lock, unlock, or if compartment door(s) is open and unsecured while attempting to lock. 

LED Compartment Lighting

LED Compartment Lighting is the perfect accessory for your Knapheide KUV or Service Body if you work extended hours.  The LED Compartment Lighting is available in 7", 14", and 28" light strips.  Door activated switches turn the lights on when the door is opened and off when the door is closed.  The light fixtures are constructed of rigid plastic with pressure adhesive on the back for easy installation. 

Telescopic Sliding Roof for Standard Service Bodies

The Knapheide Telescopic Sliding Roof is designed to protect the contents of your cargo area from theft.  Knapheide's TSR comes in either a two or three piece section and when fully opened allows access to half of your cargo area.  Keep the contents of your cargo area safe and secure with a Knapheide TSR.

Master Locking System

The Knapheide Master Locking System allows you to lock all comparments on one side of your Service Body with a single move.  The Master Locking System operates independent of your key locks for an extra layer of security.  Since Knapheide knows you have thousands of dollars of tools and equipment in your Service Body, we understand security is first priority.  So check out the Master Locking System and also take a look at our Codeable Padlock as a great accessory. 

Receiver Hitches for Service Bodies

Service Body Receiver Hitches have a Class V rating with a 12,000 lbs. maximum trailer weight and 2,400 lbs. maximum tongue weight.  These receiver hitches can be ordered seperate and shipped loose or installed in conjunction with your Service Body.  If you haul a trailer, choose a Knapheide Class V Receiver Hitch option. 

Codeable Padlock

Knapheide's Codeable Padlock is designed with convenience in mind.  Simply put your vehicle ignition key into the cylinder and turn.  The padlock learns your vehicle ignition key code and eliminates the need to carry both ignition key and padlock key.  The Knapheide Codeable Padlock: simple, safe, secure.

Flip Tops for Standard Service Bodies

Increase your internal cargo storage options with Knapheide Flip Tops.  The convenient one hand release makes it simple to open and a slammable lid makes it even easier to close.  Each Knapheide Flip Top operates with two nitrogen gas struts at each end to ensure it stays in the open position.  Flip Top models are denoted by "FJ" within the model number on Knapheide Service Bodies.  If you need more flexible storage and want to utilize existing space on your Knapheide Standard Service Body, check out a Flip Top Body.

Louver Vents

Louver vents are designed to be utilized when there is a need to store bottled gases or combustible materials.  Louver vents enable the vapors or gases to escape the confines of the compartment, minimizing the risk of fire or explosion.  Installed louver vents are punched in the front end panel for a clean appearance.  

Cone Holder

Cone holder is constructed of a single piece of 7/16" diameter steel.  Cone holder can be installed in any location within the cargo area for your convenience.  Holder accepts most standard size cones.

Torsion Box Floor

Torsion Box Floor is designed to minimize torsional stress to the body.  Torsion Box Floor applications include operating the vehicle on severe off road environments for Standard Service Bodies and Line Bodies and crane operation for CRK Service Bodies.  Torsion Box Floor should be ordered in conjunction with Crane Reinforcement Kit (CRK) option.  

Twist Latch

Knapheide twist latches are polished stainless steel three point with chrome t-handle in lieu of the standard rotary paddle latches.  Large 4" wide, 1/2" diameter rod handle enables the operator to easily open and close compartment doors even with a gloved hand.  

Body Side Access Steps

Grip strut access steps installed in lieu of the first, second, or rear vertical compartment.  Steps installed on the curb side of the compartment for safe entry and exit of the body.  Body side access steps are typically utilized with aerial applications.

Pull Out Shelf

Pull out shelf is roll-formed from 18 gauge spangled galvanized steel and each shelf is rated at 250 lbs. maximum capacity.  Pull out shelves are mounted on a three section ball bearing.  Divider slots are spaced on 4" centers for further organization of the shelf (dividers ordered seperately).  

Spare Tire Retainer

Universal spare tire retainer designed to accept tires as small as 14" up to 22.5", with 6" of vertical adjustability.  Hardware is zinc plated to prevent corrosion and two carriage head retaining bolts (3" and 10") are included.  Spare tire retainer can be mounted on the street side of the cargo area positioned close to the front of the body (near bulkhead).

Grab Handles

Grab Handles are constructed of all steel, with your choice of zinc or chrome plating for an attractive appearance.  Knapheide Grab Handles are available for most Knapheide Service Bodies.  Access your cargo area easier and safer with Knapheide Grab Handles. 

LED Lights for Service Bodies

The LED Light option for Service Bodies or Westerner Storage Bodies replaces incandescent stop/tail/turn lights with LED lights.  LED lights are brighter, draw less amperage, don't produce heat, are vibration and shock resistant, and have a superior life span compared to incandescent lights. 

Aluminum Treadplate Trim

Aluminum Treadplate Trim option available for Service Bodies or PGND Gooseneck Bodies.  For Service Bodies, the option adds aluminum treadplate trim to the top of the slam tailgate and compartments tops and can be added to Standard or Flip Top Bodies.  For PGND Gooseneck Bodies, the option adds aluminum treadplate trim to the top of each sidepack and can be added to any PGND Gooseneck Body model.

Wheel Chock Holders for Service Bodies & KUV’s

Wheel Chock Holders are installed in fenderskirt to hold most standard sized wheel chocks.  Chock holders are 14" deep and constructed of 14 gauge galvanneal steel for corrosion protection.  Available for most Service Bodies and KUV's.

Bumpers for Standard Service Bodies

Knapheide offers a comprehensive line-up of bumpers to meet nearly any application.  A wide variety of material construction is available including treadplate, grip-strut, and galva-grip along with many different finishes including prime paint, finish paint, and Knapliner.  Require hauling a trailer for your job?  We've got bumpers for that too, including both ball hitch and pintle hitch compatible bumpers.  Check out the list of available bumpers for Knapheide Standard Service Bodies below and choose the best one for your needs.

Rock Guard

Rock guards are constructed of 12 gauge bright aluminum treadplate.  This option adds aluminum trim to the front corners of your Service Body to give it a more attractive and rugged look.  To give your Service Body more styling, check out our Rock Guards.  Rock Guards look great with Aluminum Treadplate Option as well.

Cargo Tie-Down

Cargo Tie-Down option is the perfect solution to keeping heavy equipment safe and secure in your cargo area.  Option includes tie down points positioned with even increments on both sides of the body (set of four or set of six).  Tie-Downs are rated at 2,000 lbs. and are zinc plated for corrosion resistance (Picture shows optional Knaplined Cargo Tie-Downs) 

Crane Reinforcement Kit

The Crane Reinforcement Kit Option is ideal for applications where a small crane is needed on a jobsite.  The CRK Option allows for a small crane (4,000 pounds capacity with a 16,000 ft-lbs. maximum) to be installed on the curbside rear vertical compartment.  The kit comes complete with hardware to mount the crane kit to the chassis.  The CRK Option is compatible with Stellar, Autocrane, Venturo, and Liftmoore cranes. 

Cable Steps

Cable Steps are a popular option for Service Bodies, specifically Crane bodies with higher bumpers.  Cable Steps give the ability to users to safely access the cargo bed area of the body without having to jump up or down.  Let Cable Steps make your job a little bit easier and a lot safer.

Knap Pack for Service Body

Knapheide's Knap-Pack is a great storage option for your Service Body.  The Knap-Pack offers easily accessible secure storage for your tools and equipment.  The packs have rotary lockable latches for security and double spring over center door retainers to keep your compartment doors either open or closed.  Knap-Packs are available in a straight or tapered (shown) design.  Choose the Knapheide Knap-Pack for your secure storage needs.

Mechanics Vise Bracket

Knapheide's Mechanics Vise Bracket fts most KUV's and Service Bodies.  The vise bracket is adjustable in 1" increments for operator preference and comfort during use.  Pre-punched vise mounting surface accomodates 3-1/2", 4", or 4-1/2" vise.  The Knapheide Mechanics Vise Bracket is designed to bring convenience and versatility to your jobsite. 

Pull Out Tray

Heavy duty 500 lb. capacity Pull Out Tray is mounted on ball bearing slides for easy and smooth operation.  Tray is constructed of 12 gauge steel and is lined with 3/4" plywood.  Tray latches in both the open and closed position for convenience. 

All Available Service/Utility Options

Click on the PDF link provided below to access the catalog pages for all available Service/Utility Body Options.