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Value-Master X Platform Bodies


Refuse Sides

Knapheide has developed a new style of sides compatible with the Value-Master X Platform Bodies.  Available in both 12' and 14' foot lengths, the refuse sides are punched 60% of the overall side height.  Rear doors are equipped with a latch and bail system and pivot up to 270 degrees and can be latched in the open or closed position. 

ICC Bumper

The ICC Bumper is compatible with Platform and Dump Bodies.  Dimensions depend on the chassis manufacturer.  Under ride protection is required by law the ICC Bumper provides this protection.  ICC Bumpers are not needed when a hitch is utilized.

Underbody Storage Compartment

Own a Knapheide Platform Body but have no place to securely storage pipes or boards?  Well if you don't want that expensive copper pipe to disappear then invest in a Knaphiede Underbody Storage Compartment.  Available on Value-Master X and Cargo-Hauler platforms, the Underbody Storage Compartment has a stainless steel lockable rotary latch for secure storage.  The Underbody Storage Compartment is offered in 8'3" or 10'3" lengths and offers increased storage capacity without sacrificing any platform area. 

Under Body Roughneck Toolbox

If  you want or have a Knapheide Platform, Gooseneck, Dump Body, or Water Truck then the Under Body Roughneck Toolbox is the perfect storage solution for you.  With 14 different sizes, the Underbody Toolbox line can store nearly anything out of your tools.  With a thick coat of corrosion resistant primer and a glossy top coat of black paint, the Under Body Roughneck Toolbox is tough to beat. 

Polyethylene Board Flooring

Knapheide's Polyethylene Board Flooring option is available on most Value-Master X Platforms.  If you are looking to increase your overall payload while minimizing the risk of your platform boards shrinking, expanding, bowing, or warping then the polyethylene floor is the way to go.  It is significantly lower weight than dense yellow pine increasing your overall payload.  Polyethylene Board is very dense and offers superior longevity and durability. 

Steel Stake Racks

Knapheide Stake Racks can turn virtually any Knapheide Platform into a Stake Body.  Stake height choices are 28" or 40".  Choose our secure interlocking clip style or our simple quiet latch connection systems.  No matter if you are hauling hay or brush, Knapheide Stake Racks have you covered. 

BH Series Bulkhead

Knapheide's BH Bulkhead is a rectangular drop in stlye bulkhead that is primarily paired with stake racks.  The BH Series Bulkhead is compatible with all platforms and is one of the more popular bulkhead choices for Knapheide Platforms. 

BHG Series Bulkhead

The BHG Series Bulkhead is reinforced with a gussett on each side increasing it's structural integrity.  This bulkhead is a drop in rectangular bulkhead with a punched window for superior corrosion resistance.  The BHG Series Bulkhead from Knapheide is compatible with all Knapheide Platforms. 

BHR Series Bulkhead

The BHR Series Bulkhead is a weld on, rectangular style bulkhead.  If you are haul heavy duty equipment then this is the bulkhead to keep you safe.  With strong structural channel inner posts, the BHG Series Bulkhead can protect you from even the heaviest load.  The BHR Series Bulkhead is compatible with all Knapheide Platforms. 

BHRT Series Bulkhead

The BHRT Series Bulkhead is a rectangular, weld on style bulkhead.  With tapered corners and a reinforced design, the BHRT is both stylish and functional.  The BHRT Series Bulkhead is compatible with all Knapheide Platforms. 

Grain Sides

Grain Sides are compatible with 96 Series Platform Bodies.  Grain Sides come available in 40" high sides and feature many different options for rear sections to fit any application.  Knapheide Grain Sides are constructed of high strength steel to withstand many years of abuse. 

Apitong Flooring

Apitong wood floors last longer and are more dense compared to yellow pine.  They are less prone to warping, bowing, and shrinking.  Apitong wood floors are available on all wood floor platform models in lieu of yellow pine.  Floor is installed with tongue and groove apitong boards.

Cargo D-Ring Tie Downs

D-Ring, swivel style cargo tie downs are rated at 2,000 lbs.  They can be installed in steel or wood floors.  D-ring tie downs have a 3.25" diameter and are ideal for securing large and heavy cargo for safe transport.

Platform Treadplate Floor

Treadplate flooring option is rugged, constructed of 3/16" or 1/4" thick treadplate steel in lieu of dense yellow pine flooring.  Compatible Platform bodies include Series 80, 94, 96, and 102.  If you dish out day after day of tough abuse on your platform floor, then Knapheide's treadplate flooring option is for you.

Rope Hooks

Have problems securing your cargo to your platform?  Problem solved, introducing rope hooks for Knapheide Platform Bodies.  Constructed of 1/2" diameter steel rod and welded on the front side of cross sills, Knapheide rope hooks can handle any cargo securing demands.

Underbody Sliding (Winch) Tie Down Channel

Formed channel is constructed of steel and welded from the first cross sill to the last, running almost the entire length of your platform floor.  Channel is located on the street side of the platform.  Compatible with a "S-Line Storable 4" Winch".  This option if perfect for securing large or heavy cargo.

Underbody Tie Down Rails

Need to secure your cargo with cable or straps?  The Underbody Tie Down Rail is perfect for the job.  The 3/8" x 2" steel rail is welded 6.5" in from the outside of the platform side rail and runs almost the entire length of the platform floor.  To keep your cargo safe, choose a Knapheide Underbody Tie Down Rail.

Above Body Roughneck Toolbox

The Above Body Roughneck Toolbox is not only secure but also easy to reach.  Located above the body of your truck, the Above Body Roughneck Toolbox can mount on either driver or passenger side.  With ten different sizes, the Above Body Roughneck Toolbox line has enough configurations to meet your demands. 

Receiver Hitch for Platforms

All Knapheide Platforms have receiver hitch options available.  All receiver hitches include under ride protection. Whatever your platform, the Knahpheide receiver hitch options can fulfill your hauling demands.


So you just bought a Knapheide Landscaper or Platform Body but need a heavy duty hoist to handle your dumping applications?  Knapheide's Knaphoist has the patented lost motion device providing low mounting height resulting in greater stability, which keeps you safe during your dump.  Our 3/4" thick high strength steel is much more durable and stable compared to formed steel used in competitor hoists.  So when you need the most reliable hoist in the industry, choose the Knaphoist. 

Knap Pack

Knapheide's Knap-Pack is a great storage option for your Dump or Platform Body.  The Knap-Pack offers easily accessible secure storage for your tools and equipment.  The packs have rotary lockable latches for security and double spring over center door retainers to keep your compartment doors either open or closed.  Knap-Packs are available in a straight or tapered (shown) design.  Choose the Knapheide Knap-Pack for your secure storage needs. 

All Available Platform Options

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