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Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuel Work Ready Vehicle Solutions

Knapheide is committed to provide our customers with Alternative Fuel vehicles that are equipped to handle any jobsite environment.

Rising gas and diesel costs have created more and more interest among fleets and end users in alternative fuels.  Knapheide has partnered with leading alternative fuel system providers and chassis manufacturers in order to offer virtually every alternative fuel solution available to help keep your operating costs low.  Knapheide has invested in its turnkey operations so we can provide you with the following alternative fuel services:

  • Extensive knowledge of alternative fuel systems and vehicle/body compatibility
  • Quality installation of alternative fuel systems for your chassis
  • Turnkey installation operations so your alternative fuel vehicle will have a work ready body
  • Engineering and support for your alternative fuel vehicles

Along with reduced operating costs, many alternative fuels also qualify for federal and state tax credits and incentives.  These tax credits and incentives vary from government rebates on hybrid vehicles to tax credits on alternative fuel purchases.  To view current available state and federal alternative fuel incentives and tax credits, visit the INCENTIVES AND LAWS PAGE located on the U.S. Department of Energy website.

To find your closest alternative fueling station, click HERE.


Knapheide's commitment to providing customers with alternative fueled, work-ready vehicles is second to none.  Knapheide has strategic partnerships with the leading alternative fuel system providers in the industry.  These partnerships enable Knapheide to have a broad spectrum of alternative fuel systems available for our customers.

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed natural gas (CNG) has become quite popular among commercial vehicles with significant growth in large fleet applications. Utilizing compressed natural gas, both as a dedicated mono-fuel or as a bi-fuel source, can translate into significantly lower operating costs.  CNG also emits 30% less greenhouse gas when compared to gas or diesel vehicles.  Currently, 98% of natural gas is produced right here in North America enabling the United States to greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil as a fuel source.

Landi Renzo, Wesport Innovations Inc., Venchurs Vehicle Systems, and BAF Technologies have all teamed up with Knapheide to offer the most dependable and innovative compressed natural gas fuel systems in the industry.


Propane boasts a well developed infrastructure with over 3,000 refueling stations throughout the United States.  Propane has been widely used in a variety of commercial vehicle applications.  With over 300,000 propane vehicles are in operation currently in the United States.  Over 90% of propane utilized in the United States is produced domestically which strengthens the economy while minimizing our reliance on foreign fuel sources.

Knapheide has well established partnerships with leading propane fuel system providers including Roush CleanTech, CleanFUEL USA, and Bi-Phase Technologies.