5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Install A Truck Body Yourself

Knapheide Kansas City

You know your way around tools so installing your next truck body in your garage should be a breeze right? Wrong, while you may be more than capable of installing the truck body on your own there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. So the next time you get the itch to put that new…

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Should Technicians Customize Their Work Trucks?

Should Techs Customize Their Work Trucks

We all know the norm with technicians and their work vehicles. They receive a brand new work truck and are itching to add their own touch to it. While, at times, allowing them to do so will increase their productivity, there are other instances where it should not be allowed. How do you determine where…

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The Best Truck Cap Options for Each Task

Knapheide Truck Cap Options

Truck caps turn a regular pick-up bed into a functional work truck. There are plenty of customization options for you to consider with your next work truck cap. Review these work needs and truck cap options to help you form your the ultimate work truck. WORK NEEDS TRUCK CAP OPTIONS You carry a lot of…

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Step Up Your Security with a KUV

KUV Bodies from Knapheide

Keeping your equipment stored safely and securely is important in order for you to make a living. From front to back, a KUV from Knapheide focuses on efficiency and security to ensure you can always get the job done while keeping your tools safe.

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Step Up Your Storage with a KUV

KUV Bodies from Knapheide

When it comes to productivity and efficiency on the jobsite, it’s important your tools, equipment and materials are well organized. Decrease the amount of time you spend searching and in turn, increase productivity. Step up to a Knapheide KUV. View The Industry’s Best Truck Bodies See The Products

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Step Up Your Productivity with a KUV

Increase Your Work Productivity

It’s important that you get the most out of your work tools, and your work truck is no exception. With numerous features aimed at making you more efficient and increasing your billable hours, it’s time to step up to a Knapheide KUV. View The Industry’s Best Truck Bodies See The Products

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CDL Requirements: What You Need To Know

CDL Requirements

Many trades, from construction to agriculture, require a mix of commercial trucks in order to get the job done. Some trucks are big and some are bigger and some of the bigger trucks may require you to possess a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) before you can legally operate the vehicle. A proper understanding of the…

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5 Avenues To Network and Grow Your Business

Networking Tips

Even as the digital age continues to mature and evolve, many trade-focused local businesses continue to uncover business opportunities through networking. From plumbers and electricians to contractors and more, a lot of the business development is still done through face-to-face interactions. Trust is vital within the trades. Lucky for you, there are numerous outlets for…

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Why Brand Consistency Matters for Your Business

Knapheide Headquarters

Brand consistency is more than just ensuring your logo looks the same on your work truck and your company signage. Although your logo is a big part of your brand, it isn’t the only thing that represents your brand. Your brand is the set of an individual’s associations and perceptions of your business. So, how…

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The Best Digital Marketing Tools for Growing Your Business

Leveraging Digital Tools to Grow Your Business

You’ve heard about it for years, but it’s never been easier, or more important, to take advantage of growing your business’s online presence. For years, “going digital” was taboo, as it meant you needed an advanced skillset or a pile of cash to pay a developer to make your digital dreams come true. That’s no…

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