Building Construction

From residential to large commercial construction, your work relies on highly-customized, specialized vehicles to get the job done. Knapheide has been one of the most trusted names in the construction industry for years. Let us help you maximize your fleet’s capability.


Delivery and Last Mile

Consumers are shopping in new and different ways, and they expect products when and where they are. Knapheide can be your upfit partner to help you meet those customers’ delivery needs.


Forestry and Landscape

It takes a particular vehicle to work efficiently in the landscaping and tree care industries. With access to the right bodies and a proven history working in the landscaping and tree care industry, Knapheide is the right partner for you.


Government and Municipal

Municipalities and government agencies around the world rely on custom vehicle solutions to keep the lights on, water running, and snow cleared. No matter your needs, including service trucks, bucket trucks or dump trucks, Knapheide has the capabilities to meet your demands.


Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Rental equipment companies keep the contractors of the world running every day, but who keeps their equipment running? Knapheide has partnered with rental companies and their service vehicle fleets for years to keep equipment running.



Infrastructure companies keep the world connected through creative solutions, relying on heavy-duty, custom work vehicles to help them execute those solutions daily. With years of experience, Knapheide can be your trusted partner in the infrastructure and construction industry.


Oil & Gas

Mining, fracking, and drilling in the energy industry all require highly-specialized, capable work vehicles to perform efficiently and effectively. Energy companies continue to trust Knapheide to deliver work-ready solutions.



Always on the go, railway companies rely on equipment with the ability to get things done effectively while on the move. Knapheide has the experience and expertise to help you deliver your mobile railway workshop right to your jobsite.


Roadside Management

Customers on the road want peace of mind from their provider of roadside assistance. Throughout the years, many of those same roadside service companies have put their trust in Knapheide to keep their service fleets running efficiently.

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Skilled Trades

From small mom-and-pops to large-scale contractors, tradesman around the country trust Knapheide to help them get their work done effectively. As their needs and fleets grow, they need a partner that can keep up. That’s where Knapheide comes in.



Organization, efficiency and mobility are traits that telecommunications companies value in their work vehicles. With years of expertise working with some of the biggest names in telecom, Knapheide can create any telecommunications work vehicle you can imagine.


Whether it’s keeping the lights on or the water running, utility companies require a special kind of vehicle to get the job done. From highly-customized bucket trucks to standard platforms and utility bodies, Knapheide has the capacity and expertise to delver utility customers’ needs.