November 27, 2017


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You know your way around tools so installing your next truck body in your garage should be a breeze right? Wrong, while you may be more than capable of installing the truck body on your own there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. So the next time you get the itch to put that new flatbed on yourself, do yourself a favor and read these compelling reasons not to.

1. Federal & State Standards

There are numerous federal and state standards and regulations pertaining to commercial trucks. Do you know them all? A truck body distributor will and they will craft a work vehicle that is in compliance with these regulations to keep you from getting citations.

2. Liability

Remember reason #1? Reason #2 is directly related. The distributor installs the body and is dubbed the “final stage vehicle manufacturer”. When you decide to perform your own truck body install, you become the final stage vehicle manufacturer. In the event of an accident, if you are found at fault you have now opened yourself up to additional liability.

3. Warranty

Most body manufacturers warranty policy is voided unless the installation performed at one of their authorized distributor locations. Distributors are highly trained to install the product per the body manufacturer’s specifications. There is also a high probability that installing a truck body on your own will void the truck warranty as well as chassis manufacturers have very stringent “upfitter guidelines” (in which distributors are also familiar with).

4. Safety

Do you have an overhead lift, crane or forklift rated to handle the weight of the body? Truck body distributors possess all the necessary equipment to safely install a body onto a truck.

5. Convenience

Do you really have the time to perform the install on your own? For every hour you spend on installation, you lose on generating revenue within your vocation. Truck body distributors are set-up to complete installation efficiently. You have to purchase the truck body from the distributor so why not just let them complete the install as well?

There you have it, five reasons to let the trained professionals complete the install for you. Think it through because saving a few bucks upfront may cost you a whole lot more down the road.

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