Work Truck Branding

Work vehicles are highly visible, rolling billboards. Most companies will put the company logo and a phone number on a spot or two on the vehicle, giving it little thought. While this approach is better than nothing, it is always best to consider the following before investing in your rolling billboard.

1. Be Clear With What You Offer

If the company name isn’t descriptive (ie “John’s Plumbing) include the core products or services on the vehicle.

2. Include Vital Contact Info

The vital information (phone, company name, services) should appear on both sides and rear of the vehicle.

3. Make It Readable

Company branding should be easily read by someone several car lengths away. Choose text color that is in high contrast with the color of vehicle (ie black text on white vehicle).

4. Use A Pro For Installation

Choose an installer with experience, your investment in vehicle branding will last longer by doing so.

5. Keep It Clean

Keep the exterior of the vehicle clean so the information can be easily read.

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