Can I purchase Knapheide products directly from Knapheide, or do I need to work with a Knapheide distributor?

Knapheide sells all of its products through authorized distributors. We have a network of more the 240 distributor locations, spread throughout the country. You can find your local Knapheide distributor by utilizing our Distributor Lookup on our website.

I’ve lost my Knapheide body keys. How do I order replacements?

Replacement Knapheide body keys can be purchased through your area Knapheide distributor.

Knapheide body keys have their codes etched into the key. It’s a good idea to write the code down somewhere, in the event you would lose your keys. If don’t know your key code, each lock cylinder has identifying markers on it (exterior or interior, depending on the model) to help identify the correct code.

Your Knapheide distributor can assist you in identifying the number. If you prefer to shop online, multiple Knapheide distributors have E-store parts websites where you can purchase these, or other, Knapheide products.

How do I know what Knapheide body model is compatible with my truck?

There are several variables to consider when matching a body model to a truck. The most notable item would be the Cab-to-Axle measurement, commonly referred to as the “CA”. This is the measurement from the rear of the truck’s cab, to the center of the rear axle. Body designs are typically grouped on product literature, etc. by their “CA” category. Your area Knapheide distributor can assist you with these, or any other compatibility questions.

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My Knapheide body has been damaged in an accident. Does Knapheide sell loose body parts I can use to repair my body?

Yes. Knapheide offers a wide variety of loose body parts, such as doors, bumpers, lighting, latches, etc. Your area Knapheide distributor can identify, and order the needed parts for you.

*Note: Have your Knapheide body serial number information available, as it will likely be needed to confirm the correct parts.

My new Knapheide body has strobe lighting integrated into the tail lights. How do I activate and control these strobe lights?

Knapheide’s proprietary tail lights (used on Service, KUV and other bodies) have integrated strobe lighting as a standard feature. Activation and operation is a simple process:

A power wire harness will need to be run from a toggle switch or OEM upfitter switch to the blunt-cut (Pink wire on the main Knapheide wire harness). This will control the power to the strobes. Once that is completed, strobe flash patterns can be selected by connecting the Purple and Pink wires together on the street-side of the wire harness, near the tail light. These Purple and Pink wires have slide-on terminals, so changing patterns is easy.

The power wire harness is available for purchase through your area Knapheide distributor.