November 28, 2019

Chassis Class To Body Size Compatibility

There are many factors that come into play when determining if a truck body and chassis are compatible. One of the most important, cab to axle measurement (length in inches from back of the cab to the center of the rear axle), has been covered in a previous blog entry. Another factor, which is often overlooked, is the class or size of the chassis.

Some may use descriptors such as “three quarter ton” while others may call the chassis a “class 2”, regardless, the size of the chassis is a major factor. The chassis size will directly affect the available payload after the body and all components are installed on the chassis. Use the chart below as a quick guide to determine compatibility between the chassis class and body size.

7′ Class 2-3
8′ Class 2-3
9′ Class 3-5
10′ Class 3-5
11′ Class 3-7
12′ Class 3-7

* Always use an experienced truck equipment upfitter to help determine what chassis, body and equipment are compatible and comply with all federal, state and local commercial vehicle regulations.

** Body lengths in table are nominal length, please refer to Knapheide specification pages for exact body lengths.

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