November 27, 2017


Ideal Work Truck Cap Options

Truck caps turn a regular pick-up bed into a functional work truck. There are plenty of customization options for you to consider with your next work truck cap. Review these work needs and truck cap options to help you form your the ultimate work truck.

You carry a lot of smaller items like parts and/or hardware and many tools that you need to organize yet quickly access. Flip up side access doors with integrated toolboxes and dividers are an ideal storage solution on your truck cap.
You need to be able to easily climb into the back of your pickup bed. A cap with full rear doors is the best option for easy access to the cargo area.
Your job regularly calls for a ladder or longer material like PVC, 2x4s, etc. A truck cap with a ladder or material rack will allow you to keep the cargo area free while storing long items.
You need quick access to the contents of your cargo area without having to climb in. A truck cap with a slide out tray installed in the cargo area enables you to access all the contents without getting on your hands and knees.
You need to retain your tailgate for a job site work bench and/or in the event you need to store items that are longer than your truck bed. A truck cap with a top half rear flip up door that works in conjunction with and allows you to keep your truck’s factory tailgate.
Your truck is commonly on jobsites or parked unattended in high theft areas. All windows and doors on your truck cap, including the front window and side and rear doors should be solid, or at the very least, glass backed by wire guards to deter theft.

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