There are more millennials entering the workforce than any generation. They represent 38 percent of today’s workforce and are expected to make up 75 percent of the total by 2025. They have a reputation of being harder to attain and retain but they bring characteristics that may just be what your commercial team needs to take it to the next level.  

Early adopters of technology

Millennials were born when the internet was becoming more prominent. They began learning how to use it at a young age and they are now masters of the web. They know where to look to stay updated on news and the latest trends, and can help you market to the growing number of younger business owners. They are tech savvy, helping you embrace digital marketing opportunities and guide you as technology continues to evolve.

Work well with teams

Studies show that millennials work better with a team and prefer it to be that way. Welcome them with open arms and they will return the favor with ideas and collaborative efforts to help grow your commercial department.

Passionate about their work

Millennials are more motivated by a work environment they are passionate about and enjoy versus strictly collecting a paycheck. They are driven by career development opportunities. If you structure their job accordingly, they will be extremely dedicated and their love and passion for the job will resonate throughout the department.

Hiring millennials can help your business in a number of ways. These range from having someone that knows their way around technology to bringing new ideas to help expand the business. Either way, hiring millennials could be your business’ key to further success.  They have an understanding that work is a part of life and are ready to apply their skills to any job.