Publish Date

November 21, 2023

Could Work Truck Solutions Be the Solution?

It's official. The holiday season is upon us. And you know what that means… Year-end is just around the corner.

If you're a fleet manager or owner looking to replace old or broken units before the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, you might not be feeling so jolly, right about now. Instead, you may be consumed with stress. And it's understandable, especially if you don't already have a plan in place. After all, many manufacturers and upfitters are booked into the new year.

Does that mean all hope is lost?

Well, not exactly.

While you won't be able to pull off a new custom body and upfit in the next month, you're not out of options just yet. Instead, consider opting for a standard configuration, at least for the time being. After all, an upfitted unit, even if it's not exactly what you're used to, is still better than being without.

So, what is this potential saving grace anyway?

Work Truck Solutions.

And What Is Work Truck Solutions?

Work Truck Solutions is a god-send for commercial buyers needing to search for specific units, or see what's near them. Through Work Truck Solutions, you'll be able to see on-the-lot, or soon to be, inventory at commercial dealers. Search capabilities allow you to filter through by location, body type, chassis and so much more.

And the best part?

You already know it! Instead of having lead times that include production, upfitting and transport, you're able to get the Knapheide truck or van body you need almost instantly, and definitely before the end of the year!

Come on; what are you waiting for? Check to see if you can find your perfect solution on Work Truck Solutions today!


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