June 15, 2016


Gooseneck Body Chevrolet

Small solutions can yield big results. With the introduction of a 7-foot Gooseneck Body–ideal for pickup bed replacement for 6, 6 1/2, or 6 3/4 foot beds on Class 2 and Class 3 chassis–Knapheide is hoping the newest, smallest entry to its Gooseneck Body line will make a big impact for its customers.

The new 7-foot offering will be available across all Knapheide Gooseneck Body models: PGNA, PGNB, PGNC and PGND. This means customers in search of a gooseneck solution for their single-rear-wheel Ford (40’ CA), GM (42” CA) and Ram (36” CA) chassis can get all of the same features available on Knapheide’s 8, 9, and 11-foot models in a 7-foot package.

Built with convenience and efficiency in mind, the 7-foot Gooseneck Body is an example of our pursuit to Never Settle and our 3 Cs: Customer First, Collaboration and Continuous Improvement.

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