Publish Date

February 20, 2024

We all know that taillights are essential for safety. However, not all taillights are equal.

Until recently, only OEM chassis cab taillights were available for Knapheide Platform Bodies. And while those taillights are capable of the basic necessary functions, they lack a capability needed by many work truck users: strobe.

The strobe taillight is designed to a emit bright, flashing light. This lighting is an important safety feature for work truck users, as it helps increase visibility, especially in low-light or high-traffic situations.

Knapheide platform users now have the option of upgrading from the standard, small, incandescent OEM chassis cab light assemblies to Knapheide's more capable, larger, brighter LED light assemblies. These stop, tail, turn, back-up and strobe (S/T/T/BU/Strobe) light kits include Knapheide's proprietary taillights, wire harness, light brackets, hardware and license plate bracket. They are currently available for order through Knapheide's distributors.

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