May 14, 2018


Work Truck Summer Heat

Your truck never gets a break, year round it is supporting your work and you seldom have time to think twice about maintenance. As the temperatures begins to rise your work truck is forced to operate in a more demanding environment. Your engine and air conditioning will be put to the test throughout the summer heat. Implement these tips to help mitigate the heat and the risks.


If you had to pick one time of the year to monitor coolant in your vehicle, choose summer. Allow your engine ample time to cool before removing the cap to the coolant. Check the appearance of the coolant, if it looks clear then add the specified mix (found in your owner’s manual) if below the fill line. If your coolant appears cloudy, it is best to take it to a mechanic for a flush and fill.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning – Equally important is your air conditioning system. Many that work outside rely on their work truck for cool down breaks. Your air conditioning needs to be in tip top shape throughout the hot summer months. One of the first A/C components to check is the cabin air filter, if it is dirty it will need to be replaced. Other areas to check include the compressor belt, which should be tight, and the refrigerant, which should not be low. If there are issues with either the belt or refrigerant it is best to have a mechanic repair.

Seek Shade

Chances are, your work truck is parked for much of the day while you are on the jobsite. Temperatures in the sun can be dramatically higher when compared to the shade, especially when your vehicle is parked for hours on end. If at all possible, find a shady spot to park your vehicle. While this alone won’t prevent the interior of your vehicle from heating up it will help knock a few degrees or more off.

Crack Windows

When your work truck is parked for a long period of time, the sun begins to bake the air within the cab. The heat becomes trapped within the cab and when you open the door it feels like you just opened an oven. Cracking the windows will enable the rising heat to escape and keep the interior temperatures from becoming dangerously hot.

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