January 23, 2020


Questions You Should Be Asking Potential Buyers

It may go without saying, but there are several questions you should be asking commercial customers when they contact you about an upfit. Needs vary greatly from person to person and company to company. Taking time to learn more about your customer and their operation will prove beneficial when it comes to closing the deal. Here are some of the basic questions you should be asking when shoppers are seeking an upfit.

What kind of business do you operate?

Though this may seem like the most obvious question to ask, it’s still important. Taking an interest in and learning more about your customer’s business will help you address their basic needs as well as give them information regarding the products that would be most beneficial to their operation. For the most part, businesses in the same vocational area operate with similar vehicles.

What are your payload/hauling/storage needs?

Though they may fall into the same industry category, few companies operate the exact same way. Asking your customers about their day-to-day operations will allow you to recommend what type of chassis, bed, and accessories will help them get the most out of their fleet. For instance, an upfit suited for a farming operation would have much different demands than that of a construction company, just as an operator working primarily in small towns and rural areas would have different needs than those of workers in larger metropolitan settings.

How large is your fleet?

Knowing whether the buyer is in need of one vehicle, a few vehicles, or an entire fleet allows you to give them more accurate answers regarding pricing, inventory available, and timelines if vehicles and bodies need to be ordered. 

What is your budget?

File this one under the “obvious questions” category. However, knowing what kind of financing options and incentives are available to your potential buyer will help them make a more well-informed purchase. It’s also important to know how the buyer plans to make the purchase, be it cash or financing.

When are you planning to make a purchase?

The timeline in which the buyer is expecting to make a purchase can be affected depending upon the type of upfit they’re seeking. For those looking to make a purchase immediately, a standard upfit that meets their criteria may already be available in dealer inventory. If an order needs to be placed, this will understandably take additional time before the unit is complete. If that order requires significant customization, the timeline extends further. 

Do you prefer aluminum or steel construction?

Operators need a truck that can withstand everything that’s thrown its way. Make sure you inform your customer that they have options regarding construction material and the benefits of each. A common misconception is that aluminum being a lighter material translates to less durability. In fact, studies have shown aluminum performs comparably to its steel counterpart, even offering increased corrosion resistance, payload, and overall durability. 

Do you require any sort of customization?

What do you need to be the most efficient and effective in your field? Customization can take a work truck from good to great. With a variety of options available for storage, towing, hauling, and more, your goal is to get your customer the most practical vehicle their money can buy by educating them on the custom options available to them to help meet their jobsite demands.

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