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March 23, 2021

Houston-based Holes Inc. has been in business since 1972, serving the states of Texas and Louisiana with concrete sawing and drilling, removal of concrete, ground penetration, radar and anchor bolt installation, and more.

Providing services for multiple customer segments including residential, commercial, heavy highway, industrial, and petrochemical, Holes Inc. required a versatile work truck solution that can “cut it” on every job.

So when the search for a more practical and ready-to-go truck body for the business came about, Vice President of Operations, Pat Stepanski, turned to Knapp Chevrolet in Houston. Working alongside Medium Duty Manager, Bob Flanders, (a partnership Stepanski says has been “an exceptionally good one for us”), they discussed the needs of the company in an effort to find the most practical upfit.

“We carry a wide variety of tools and equipment to perform our work,” explains Stepanski. “We have multiple drills, electric cords, water hose, bits and blades. The beds are also outfitted with a generator and a water tank to support the cutting and drilling.”

With that in mind, the company sought a product capable of safely and effectively storing and organizing all the tools and equipment mentioned in addition to being a functional, durable component of their daily routine.

Having previously tried saw-style bodies from different manufacturers, Stepanski said none lived up to their expectations.

The new Holes, Inc. Saw Body ready to hit the jobsite

“We tried two to three other saw bodies over the last ten years from other companies,” he offers, noting that the overall quality of the product in addition to its longevity and durability were lacking. “Quality of the paint and materials used was simply not good. We had severe rust issues after only two to three years.”

Based on those experiences, Flanders had recently seen a product walkaround video for Knapheide’s new Saw Body on the Knapheide YouTube channel, and subsequently informed the Holes team about the new product, which piqued their interest.

“I told them I had always found Knapheide to be good quality no matter what the product,” Flanders says of the recommendation he made to Stepanski and company. “They were excited. So I worked through Wade Pellman at Knapheide and he arranged to have a body shipped to Knapheide’s San Antonio location and then delivered to us.”

Soon thereafter, Stepanski and company were on-site at Knapp Chevrolet getting a full tutorial and learning more about the many benefits of the Knapheide Saw Body.

“When I found out that Knapheide offered a Saw Body, I was excited,” says Stepanski. “The quality is far superior compared to other brands we have purchased and used previously.”

Soon after, Holes Inc. became the first customer to purchase a new Saw Body from Flanders and Knapp Chevrolet.

Pat Stepanski (left) and Bob Flanders (right) with the Holes, Inc. Saw Body

But the new body, upfitted on a Silverado 6500, wouldn’t be the first Knapheide body the company employed for its operations.

“We started using Knapheide in 1979. We have used other manufacturers in the past with disappointing results. My experience with Knapheide bodies has been very good,” offers Stepanski. “The quality of these beds are as good as it gets. We have even re-used some of [our] Knapheide bodies on different chassis over the years. The quality is quite impressive. I would highly recommend Knapheide.”

Their utilization of a Saw Body now allows Holes to work more efficiently by offering optimal and ample storage space for all their equipment, minimizing the amount of additional equipment needed to travel from site to site, and, in turn, optimizing uptime in the field.

“Before, we had to use a trailer to pull the saw behind the truck,” says Stepanski of the company’s previous inefficiencies. “With the Saw Body, we have been able to eliminate the use of a trailer. Now, we can saw and drill [directly from] this body. We have been incredibly happy with this Saw Body.”

Beyond satisfied with the quality and performance of their new Knapheide body, Stepanski says plans are already in place to add another Saw Body to their work truck lineup in the near future.

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