January 16, 2020


Making a vehicle purchase is no small decision, and it’s a decision that is often accompanied by one question: “what kind of impact will this have on my profitability?”

Return-on-investment (ROI) is a major deciding factor in the purchase of a work vehicle. With that in mind, how can customers assure they’re getting the most profitable vehicle for their business?

Knapheide provides a wide variety of products that can meet the needs of nearly any industry and business. In order to provide your customer with the best-equipped vehicle, it’s important to learn more about the customer’s needs, including their line of work, size of the operation/vehicle fleet, and what they need to get the job done (such as towing/hauling needs, type/amount of storage required, steel or aluminum construction, etc.).

While a tonneau (or bed) cover might seem a good option for a work vehicle simply because they provide cover for your equipment and tools, they lack in providing an organizational solution. A service body or KUV is a more practical upfit, providing both optimal storage and organization options in an efficient package that will offer maximum practicality for any size operation.

A messy, disorganized work truck does not convey professionalism. The accessibility provided by a Knapheide body also offers superior efficiency on the jobsite. The compartments featured on a service body allow users to access tools and other equipment without having to climb into the bed of the truck. This organization and storage solution is beneficial in the long run as it eliminates unnecessary time spent searching for what you need on the jobsite.

Additionally, an upfitted truck or van provides an aesthetic of professionalism. KUVs or service bodies present a blank canvas for you to brand your work vehicle with decals or wraps. As your vehicle is sitting at a jobsite or traveling, this is an easy way to advertise your business and, as a result, expand your clientele.

There are several reasons to choose a Knapheide upfit over a more “traditional” truck/van accessory. Among the many benefits provided by a Knapheide unit, efficiency, effectiveness, and substantial return-on-investment remain among the biggest.
While initial investments on a larger upfitted commercial vehicle may be more than other options, the return in capacity, productivity, branding and longevity are almost always beneficial when compared to a smaller, cheaper option.

There are several great online calculators that will assist buyers in estimating the ROI of a new work vehicle. Simply input the initial investment (purchase cost) and return amount (your business earnings) to find the return percentage. If the result is a positive number, the purchase is considered profitable. Though there are other aspects that are not factored into this estimate (such as added fuel cost, maintenance, etc.), these online calculators will give you a general idea of whether or not your investment is plausible for you and your business.

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