November 28, 2019


Different Styles of Gooseneck Bodies

Gooseneck Bodies are rugged and versatile work trucks that are commonly utilized on farms, construction sites and more throughout North America. With so many styles to choose from, it can be tough deciding on which is right for the job at hand. Use this guide as a good starting point to determine which style of Gooseneck Body is best for you.

PGNB Gooseneck Body

A basic flat bed with integrated gooseneck hitch system is an economic option for gooseneck trailer towing or flatbed utilization.

PGNB Gooseneck Bodies

PGNC Gooseneck Body

A skirted gooseneck body with integrated underbody side toolboxes, flush flatbed floor and gooseneck hitch system.

PGNC Gooseneck Bodies

PGND Gooseneck Body

A combination service and gooseneck body, with full side compartments for storage and gooseneck hitch system.

PGND Gooseneck Bodies

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