January 23, 2019


Fleet Management

As technology, regulations and the size of corporate fleets have grown, so has the need for optimized and efficient vehicle fleet management. Today, fleet management companies offer a substantial list of services, including vehicle acquisition, spec’ing, telematics, lifecycle management, fuel management, maintenance programs, roadside assistance, vehicle delivery, insurance, compliance and more.

So why would a business consider a fleet management company? Utilizing a fleet management company can help control costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and mitigate risk as it relates to company vehicles. Many times, as a company grows so does the time commitment for managing the vehicles. The company may not have the internal resources or expertise to dedicate to the fleet.

Imagine this, instead of someone within your company working with all the parties involved with your fleet vehicles, they work directly with a fleet management company and that is it. Eliminate the vehicle dealer, upfitter, insurance company, compliance agency, vehicle maintenance and service company through working with a fleet management company.

Fleet management companies handle fleets large to small and from industries of all types. Fleet management companies vary in size, capability and services. The first step when considering a fleet management partner is evaluating the services offered which can vary from company to company. Put together a list of the core fleet management services your company will need and utilize the list to evaluate fleet management companies. Prioritize that list so the potential fleet management partners you explore know what your most important fleet needs are. Pay close attention to any hidden costs prior to selecting your fleet management partner to avoid any surprises down the road.

With these factors in mind, there’s never a bad time to evaluate your business and fleet needs to determine if a fleet management company is right for you. Whether it’s based on convenience, costs, or simply the growth of your fleet, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on how to manage your work trucks.

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