January 14, 2020


Prospecting Dealers

In a results-driven position such as sales, how you spend your time is pivotal in your overall success. The result of how you spend your time day-to-day can produce make-or-break results. So, how can you efficiently and effectively spend your time? Here are a few tips.


Plan ahead

Whether it’s by the hour or down to the minute (ok, so maybe that’s a bit excessive), effective time management starts by having a plan in place. A great first step is to obtain a planner. From physical planners and calendars to apps and sites that can be accessed from any device, there are several tools at your disposal to help get you started. 

Before you formulate a more rigid schedule, find out where your time is currently going. For one week, track your time and what you’re doing throughout different hours of the day. You may notice that portions of your days are wasted performing duties that are productivity drains. By taking inventory of your time, you’re better positioned to use it more appropriately moving forward.

Once you have your preferred planning method in place, block out time each day designated to your most crucial tasks. For many, these are non-negotiable tasks that must be completed no matter the circumstance. Make these responsibilities (such as meeting with customers, generating/following up on leads, etc.) a top priority. Doing so will result in you creating a routine and rhythm that make your day run more seamlessly and allow you to produce better results. 


Eliminate unnecessary tasks

Technology has changed the way we previously handled menial day-to-day operations. Automation of certain processes can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on time-consuming or unnecessary procedures throughout the day. 

Much like you did with your time, take an inventory of the tasks that you perform throughout the day. Ask yourself if there are more efficient ways of carrying out these duties. If you’re not sure, set aside time to research apps or management systems that you may be able to utilize in an effort to drastically reduce your time spent on these operations. 

By freeing up time previously dedicated to cumbersome aspects of your day-to-day routine, you can rededicate the time doing something that is of greater benefit to you and your company.


Focus on the future

Studies show that people who set goals and continually monitor their progress and achievements perform 30 percent better than those who don’t. And the more specific your goal(s), the higher the odds become of your success in achieving them. 

Creating timelines for your goals will also allow you to periodically evaluate your progress and course correct if necessary. 


Make time for yourself

This is perhaps the most important aspect of time management. A strong work ethic and dedication to your role will certainly be noticed. But so too will burnout as a result of over-working yourself. 

In your plan, set aside time throughout the day for a couple breaks. This can be a walk around the office or outside, a snack or drink break, or even performing some light stretching at your desk. 

Research has shown that even a small 10-minute break allows one to “recharge” and return to the desk with renewed focus and a clear mind. 

Every business and employee differs from one to the next. What works for you may not be applicable to different companies and industries, or even your fellow co-workers. The goal is to find a schedule and rhythm that works best for you. 

In sales, time equals money. And if you’re operating without a solid plan in place, you’re losing a lot of both. Once you have mapped out your daily routine, you can focus on the tasks that matter most, leading you to optimal productivity and profitability.

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