The Benefits of Aluminum

When it comes to aluminum products, the first thing that might come to your mind is the metal’s corrosion resistant properties. While it’s true that aluminum is a great choice for vehicles facing snow, ice, salt and road gunk, there are a lot of reasons to consider aluminum truck bodies that don’t include the weather.


As mentioned earlier, corrosion resistance is one of the most popular qualities of aluminum. It’s one of the top reasons to purchase an aluminum body. While steel is reliant upon proper coating and paint for protection, aluminum naturally resists corrosion.


Aluminum bodies can be as much as 50 percent lighter than a similar steel body. Where do you think all of that weight goes? Right back to you in the form of payload. When you need to maximum payload, aluminum can be a great option.


The heavier the body, the harder your chassis has to work. The more weight and wear you place on your chassis in the form of a truck body means faster wear on the engine, suspension system, tires and brakes. Maintenance costs can begin to add up and eat away at your profitability.


If you look at the automotive industry, manufacturers are constantly trying to cut weight on vehicles through various methods in the ultimate interest of fuel efficiency. By saving additional weight with an aluminum body, you’ll be extending your fuel tank and passing more pumps between fillings.


Oftentimes work trucks can be over spec’ed in order to deliver better payload and ability on a jobsite. However, a lighter body opens the door to a lighter-duty chassis and potential savings with acquisition costs of your next work truck.

The choice is yours. Steel and aluminum bodies each have their own set of benefits yet both are reliable options for your next work truck.