From the wide variety of projects handled to the complexity of those projects, construction isn’t a simple job. It’s hard work, and it requires tools and equipment that work just as hard. One of those pieces of equipment is your work truck. When your livelihood depends on your truck, it’s important to choose the right one that will always be there when you need it on the job.

Service Bodies

Standard Service Bed Ford

One of the mainstays of any work industry is the standard service body. These versatile work trucks provide an open cargo area for large-item storage and transportation with the advantages of external compartments for improved efficiency when accessing often-used equipment.

With some of its standard features, and the addition of some popular options, a service body can step up to meet your needs for any construction job. Many of the following options can make your job easier.


Material Rack – Keep the bed space open and easily haul longer items like lumber, conduit and more.

Master Lock Bar – If you work in a high theft area, a master lock allows you to lock all compartments at once and provides more security for your tools within compartments.

Ladder Rack – Provides a dedicated spot for your long step or extension ladder. Mechanics Drawers – Organize your tools in the mechanics drawers so you can locate what you need quickly.

Power Locks – Walk away and lock all compartments with the push of a button.

Headache Rack – When hauling heavy cargo in your open bed space, put a barrier between you and the cargo to protect your cab window and yourself.

Mechanics Drawers – Organize your tools in the mechanics drawers so you can locate what you need quickly.

Utility Bodies

KUV Body Ram

With easily-accessible side compartments and a covered, secure cargo area, utility bodies are a smart choice for contractors looking for a versatile and fully-secured work vehicle. Integrated conduit chutes provide dedicated storage for long items such as conduit, pipe or other lengthy items needed on the construction site.

While it’s a work vehicle with many standard efficiency-boosting features, utility bodies have numerous options that can make them even more productive on the job.


Ladder Rack – Store your ladders on top of the body, out of the way and keep the cargo area open. Choose a drop-down style for easy retrieval and safer working conditions.

Liftgate – Are you carrying generators, compressors or other heavy equipment to the jobsite? Unload and load them safer and easier with a liftgate.

Power Locks – Walk away from your utility body and lock all compartments with the push of a button.

Rear Vision Camera – See what’s behind you on the jobsite before backing up or make hooking up to a trailer easier.

E-track – Get items off the floor of your bed space by utilizing E-track accessories like hooks and holders to hang extension cords, ladders and more.

Hardware Bins – If you carry a lot of hardware, fasteners, etc, hardware bins can divide and organize your hardware and allow you to take the appropriate bins straight to the jobsite.

Mechanics Drawers – Construction demands a lot of tools. Store and organize them properly with a mechanics drawer on board your utility body.

Receiver Hitch – Construction applications regularly call for trailer hauling. Adding a receiver hitch gives you the ability to carry those heavy job trailers.

Power Locks – Walk away from your utility body and lock all compartments with the push of a button.

Contractor and Concrete Bodies

Infrastructure Contractor Flatbed Body Chevy (2)

With contractor in its name, it’s only appropriate that Contractor Bodies are one of the ultimate construction jobsite work vehicles. Many of the integrated standard features like over-and-under body toolboxes, material rack, hauling platform and stake racks make contractor bodies a construction workhorse.

A concrete body is just what it sounds like, a concrete contractor’s ideal work truck. With integrated features like over-and-under body toolboxes, material rack, over-cab wheelbarrow storage, hauling platform, solid sides, and more, concrete bodies are feature-packed for the concrete professional.

Ideal vehicles for general contractors, contractor and concrete bodies can be outfitted with additional options to make them even more viable.