Electricians need an organized and dependable work truck for their job. All of your pliers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, amp meters and more need dedicated and secure storage. Thankfully, this guide is a collection of some of the best work trucks for the electrical industry. Read on to find the right one for your needs.

Service Bodies

Construction Standard Service Bed Cng Conversion Ford

Arrive at your jobsite, exit the cab, and access your storage compartments to grab your tools and get started. Choose from many different styles and sizes of service bodies to best fit the tools, equipment and components you carry to the job.

A service body is great but in many cases you need to customize your service truck to better fit your work. Options for service bodies are virtually endless, but these are some of the most popular among electricians.


Material Rack – Carry conduit, ladders or longer materials? A material rack can keep the cargo area of your service bed clutter-free.

Power Locks – When you walk away from the cab of your truck you push a button and it’s locked down and your service body should be no different. Convenience and security is important.

Mechanics Drawers – Instead of just throwing your hand and power tools on some fixed shelves why not upgrade a compartment to include slide-out mechanics drawers? Keep all of your pliers, screwdrivers and power tools where you can easily find them.

Masterlocks – Not every job will take you to the best part of town. Sometimes you’ll want a little extra security for the thousands of dollars of tools and equipment. Masterlocks are the extra layer of security you’ll need for those times.

Cab Guard – If you carry equipment or large parts in the bed of your service body you need to consider a cab guard for your own safety in the event of a hard stop or accident.

Fliptops – If you carry a lot of circuit breakers, fuses, switches, modules, receptacles and more then fliptops are ideal for you. Gain significant real estate for parts storage on your service body by adding fliptops.

Utility Bodies

KUV Body Ram

From connectors to conduit, utility bodies have the dedicated storage space that an electrician needs for all their tools, parts and equipment. Regardless if you prefer a low roof, medium roof or high roof, utility bodies are available in many different heights and lengths. Pair a utility body with either a van or truck cab to form the ultimate work vehicle for an electrician. Stop crawling around the back of your cargo van to get what you need.

Need to add additional features to make your utility body more functional for the work you do? No problem. Utility bodies are configured to accept a wide variety of options and accessories tailored for the electrical industry.


Part Bins – Further organize those switches, receptacles, connectors, plugs and more by utilizing parts bins large and small within the compartments.

LED Compartment Lights – Not all service calls happen during the day. Be prepared to find the tools and parts you need when you get that late night service call with compartment lighting.

Cargo Area Crane – Regularly lift heavy equipment or components in and out of the cargo area? Prevent those jobsite injuries and make your operation more efficient with a compact cargo area crane.

Mechanics Drawers – You have a lot of tools and the last thing you want to do is sort through them all to find the one you need. Mechanics drawers keep them all organized and easy to locate.

Ladder Racks – Stop tripping over ladders within the cargo area, mount them on the side or top of the utility body with a ladder rack.

Power Locks – When you walk away from the cab of your truck you push a button and it’s locked down and your utility body should be no different. Convenience and security is important.