• Crane Outriggers

    Cranes and Outriggers

    Reach, lift, and position heavy loads around or in your vehicle via a swiveling arm or telescopic boom with winch system and if needed, extendable support legs for weight distribution and balance.

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  • liftgates


    Efficiently and safely elevate heavy or oversized items via a platform from ground level to the cargo area of a vehicle, eliminating the necessity for manual lifting or forklift use.

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  • hoists

    Dump Hoists

    Hydraulic cylinders power the tilting of a truck's bed to unload loose or bulk materials such as construction debris, vegetative waste, and aggregate used on job sites or taken to disposal locations.

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  • Hitches

    Trailer Hitches

    Establish a reliable and secure connection between your vehicle and the trailers it will tow by selecting a solution tailored to your specific application and the weight you intend to haul.

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  • ramps

    Loading Ramps

    Load and unload items by utilizing an inclined platform that spans from the ground to your vehicle's cargo area, creating a treaded pathway for walking and smooth rolling of carts and dollies.

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  • Winch


    Recover stuck or immobilized vehicles, traverse off-road obstacles, and pull or hoist heavy objects using a front or rear-mounted, electric or hydraulic-driven hook and pulley system.

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  • Onboard Loading Hoist

    Onboard Loading Hoists

    Lift and maneuver heavy loads into enclosed cargo areas of vans or box trucks using a system comprised of an extending boom, winch, supporting frame, and controls designed for single user operation.

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