• Knapkap Truck Cap

    KnapKap HDS Truck Caps

    Enhance your factory bed by installing a robust steel enclosure, complete with optional features like shelving, racks, and tailored modifications, to maximize your truck's storage capacity.

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  • Truck Cap

    Truck Caps

    These rigid canopies, available with external compartments, roof racks, rear and side accessible doors, rest on your truck's factory bed and enclosure it to secure and weatherproof contents inside.

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  • Bed Liner

    Truck Bed Liners

    Protect your truck bed's floor and sidewalls from dents, scratches, chips in paint, rust, weather and usage related damage with spray-on coatings, drop-in shells, universal or custom fitted overlays.

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  • truck bed cover

    Truck Bed Covers

    Defend belongings in your truck bed from the elements and conceal them to discourage theft with folding, rolling or retractable soft or hard coverings that can be fortified further with locks.

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  • Cap Bed Insert

    Truck Bed Inserts

    Up the versatility of your truck with enclosed service or dump bodies that seamlessly slip into your factory bed, with some models featuring universal fit for transfer to other trucks if desired.

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  • Bed Cargo Slide

    Bed Cargo Slides

    Eliminate the necessity to stretch, bend, or crawl into your truck bed or cargo area by employing a rail-mounted platform that smoothly slides out, allowing easy retrieval of contents inside.

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