The no-frills flatbed gooseneck hauler from Knapheide

Looking for an economical Gooseneck Body that isn’t so bare bones that it lacks function? Knapheide’s PGNA Gooseneck Body has all the components you’ll need for hauling a gooseneck trailer. An under the floor gooseneck hitch system and integrated receiver hitch system enables you to haul virtually any style of trailer. The punched bulkhead provides maximum visibility out of the rearview mirror while still protecting you in the event of a collision. Internal stake pockets make it possible to add a variety of Knapheide side accessories for customization. Knapheide PGNA Gooseneck Bodies, a great gooseneck body and a great value.

Need more payload? Check out the aluminum models.

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E-Coat Immersion

Knapheide Bodies are fully immersed in Knapheide's 12-step, electrodeposition prime paint system for superior corrosion resistance.

Finish Paint

Durable oven-cured finish coat paint on top of Knapheide's exclusive electrodeposition prime paint for a clean overall appearance.

Hitch System

Under the floor gooseneck hitch system with 1.31" diameter hole and 2-5/16" ball installed. Gooseneck system includes safety chain attachment points and 7 way trailer plug. Gooseneck hitch rated at 30,000 lbs. gross trailer weight, 5,000 lbs. tongue weight.

Access Door

Double hinged access door covers gooseneck hitch system when not in use, creating a flush platform floor for multi-use applications.


Choose from either two-piece 3/16" treadplate steel, two-piece 7 gauge smooth steel, or 2" pine flooring.

Receiver Hitch

Integrated Class V receiver hitch at rear of platform with safety chain attachment points and 7 way trailer plug, receiver hitch rated at 18,000 lbs. Optional 12,000 lbs. capacity Class V receiver hitch available on all 8' and shorter platforms. Optional 21,000 lbs. capacity Class V receiver hitch available on all 9' and 11' platforms.

Stake Pockets

Reinforced internal stake pockets are sized to accept 2x4 lumber as well as a wide array of Knapheide side options


Rugged, two piece 1/8"-thick treadplate floor that can withstand jobsite abuse.

Treadplate Trim

Bright aluminum treadplate trim installed on the top of each flip top compartment, rear light boxes, rear skirt steps and on the bottom of the fender flair.

Integrated Driver Side Fuel Fill Cap

Integrated driver side fuel fill for added convenience. Placement dependent upon length of body.

Marker Lights

All marker, clearance, and I.D. lights are LED.


Formed, integrated bulkhead with screened window and tapered design to conform to cab contours and increase operator visibility.

Removable Side Boards

Secure cargo on your PGNA, PGNB, or PGNC Gooseneck Body

Stake Racks

Secure cargo on your Gooseneck body. Available rack heights of 6" or 15". Secured in internal stake pockets by an internal spring-loaded system.

LED Lights

Replacement for incandescent stop/tail/turn lights. Offering brighter light and a superior life span compared to incandescent lights

Contractor Package

Available for Knapheide Gooseneck Body. Covers open area on sides and rear of body. Includes above and under body toolbox on each side of platform.


Available for Knapheide Platform, Gooseneck, Dump, and Forestry Bodies for additional storage capacity. Above or under body toolboxes available in multiple sizes to fit your application.

Actual LengthActual WidthChassis CAModelNet Weight (lbs)Long Sill Spacing
Single Rear Wheel
Dual Rear Wheel
F- Ford specific 40" and 56" CA for MY 2017 and later vehicles; G- GM specific 42" and 56" CA for MY 2011 and later vehicles (8,000 lbs and over GVWR); R- RAM specific 36" and 56" CA for MY 2014 and later vehicles. Gooseneck hitch not included in body order. See loose hitch options below for RAM 2500 and 3500. Hitch options are mounted to the chassis-integrated mounting plate. 56" CA bodies only include receiver hitch.
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