Agriculture environments are isolated and rely on consistent equipment performance in order to maximize productivity. Knapheide offers a comprehensive selection of truck bodies and truck beds to keep your farm up and running. Gooseneck trailers need to be hauled, bags of feed need to be moved, and your tractors and combines need serviced. Knapheide has all the right truck beds for the job including gooseneck bodies, flatbeds, service trucks, and mechanics trucks.

Commercial Vehicle Dealers

We work with commercial dealers across the country to help them stock the high-quality commercial vehicle upfits their customers desire. From standard to custom bodies, or equipment-added vehicles of all kinds, we are the one-stop-shop for all of the commercial dealer upfitting needs.

  • Nationwide upfit partner network.
  • The equipment commercial customers want.
  • Unique commercial dealer sales and marketing tools available.


Contractors demand tough trucks in order to withstand the conditions on construction sites. Regardless if your truck is a half-ton or severe duty, Knapheide has a truck bed to make your construction job a little bit easier. Knapheide manufactures truck beds specifically designed for contractor applications, including the Contractor Body and Concrete Body, along with a wide selection of service beds, flatbeds, and more. Choose from the truck bodies below and put a Knapheide to work on your jobsite.

Delivery and Sales

Consumers are shopping in new and different ways, and they expect products when and where they are. Knapheide can be your upfit partner to help you meet those customers’ delivery needs.

We can source box trucks, platform beds, and other common bodies used in sales and delivery of products around the country. We've got years of experience upfitting vehicles used to create efficiencies in transporting and delivering goods of all shapes and sizes.

Equipment Rental

Rental equipment companies keep the contractors of the world running every day, but who keeps their equipment running? Knapheide has partnered with rental companies and their service vehicle fleets for years to keep equipment running.


Export companies oftentimes have unique requirements based on the nature of their customers' business and the different regions that they operate in. Knapheide can help with the sourcing of bodies, equipment and installation of quality products for your customers abroad.

Facility Management

Knapheide can assist companies with their facilities management by providing customized upfitting solutions for commercial vehicles used in facility maintenance and management tasks. This includes outfitting vehicles with specialized storage, organization, and equipment options tailored to the needs of facility maintenance teams. By offering durable and customizable solutions, Knapheide helps improve efficiency, organization, and safety in facility management operations.

Federal Government

We can provide customized upfitting solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of the numerous government agencies. These solutions prioritize compliance with regulations, security, durability, and advanced technology integration. Knapheide's expertise ensures that government agency vehicles are mission-ready, reliable, and equipped to support a wide range of operational requirements. Additionally, comprehensive after-sales support ensures ongoing vehicle readiness and effectiveness in serving the needs of federal government agencies.

Fleet and Leasing

By providing customized upfitting solutions tailored to the diverse needs of their clients, we are the body manufacturer and upfit partner of choice for fleet and leasing companies nationwide. These solutions enhance the functionality, durability, and versatility of fleet vehicles, catering to various industries and applications. Knapheide's expertise in upfitting ensures that fleet and leasing companies can offer vehicles that are optimized for specific tasks, improving operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage industry solutions from Knapheide and its partners include refrigerated and insulated van bodies, shelving and storage systems, custom bodies and other customizations designed to maintain product quality and ensure food safety during transportation. Knapheide's expertise helps food and beverage companies optimize their fleet operations, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of goods while complying with industry regulations.

Implement Dealers

Implement dealers serve an important role in helping the farmers, agriculture, land care and other types of companies outfit their businesses. That's why a well-equipped vehicle fleet is important for an implement dealer to support the needs of those customers.

From mechanics trucks for heavy equipment maintenance to commercial vans and van equipment packages for parts delivery and support, Knapheide can set your implement dealer commercial fleet up the way you need it for success.


If you're looking for tailored commercial vehicles to enhance the productivity, efficiency and safety of vehicles used in construction, utility maintenance and infrastructure projects, Knapheide is the partner you need.

Keep your heavy equipment and you jobsites running efficiently with truck bodies and upfits from Knapheide and its partners.

Land Care

It takes a particular vehicle to work efficiently in the landscaping and tree care industries. With access to the right bodies and a proven history working in the landscaping and tree care industry, Knapheide is the right partner for you.

We can easily source the bodies and equipment add-ons that landscapers across the country use day in and day out. We also don't forget about the winter time when many land care companies are dealing with snow and ice removal and maintenance.

Oil, Pipeline, and Mining

Mining, fracking, and drilling in the energy industry all require highly-specialized, capable work vehicles to perform efficiently and effectively. Energy companies continue to trust Knapheide to deliver work-ready solutions.


Always on the go, railway companies rely on equipment with the ability to get things done effectively while on the move. Knapheide has the experience and expertise to help you deliver your mobile railway workshop right to your jobsite.


Roadside Service

Customers on the road want peace of mind from their provider of roadside assistance. Throughout the years, many of those same roadside service companies have put their trust in Knapheide to keep their service fleets running efficiently.

Skilled Trades

From small mom-and-pops to large-scale contractors, tradesman around the country trust Knapheide to help them get their work done effectively. As their needs and fleets grow, they need a partner that can keep up. That’s where Knapheide comes in.

State and Municipal

Municipalities and government agencies around the world rely on custom vehicle solutions to keep the lights on, water running, and snow cleared. No matter your needs, including service trucks, bucket trucks or dump trucks, Knapheide has the capabilities to meet your demands.


Organization, efficiency and mobility are traits that telecommunications companies value in their work vehicles. With years of expertise working with some of the biggest names in telecom, Knapheide can create any telecommunications work vehicle you can imagine.


Whether it’s keeping the lights on or the water running, utility companies require a special kind of vehicle to get the job done. From highly-customized bucket trucks to standard platforms and utility bodies, Knapheide has the capacity and expertise to delver utility customers’ needs.

Waste Management

Knapheide and its upfit partners can help your business commercial vehicles that fit the unique needs of waste collection and management operations. These solutions include the customization of trucks and vans with features such as refuse bodies, compactors, lift systems, and storage compartments optimized for waste collection, transportation, and disposal tasks.