April 27, 2022



The commercial vehicle industry is rapidly changing in real time, undergoing a historic revolution before our eyes. While progress is always great, the pace at which these changes are happening have left many with an endless amount of questions and uncertainty. Issues brought about by the pandemic, such as supply chain struggles and chassis shortages, coupled with the heavy push toward electric vehicle adoption have left many overwhelmed.

Work Truck Solutions will hold the Commercial Vehicle Business Summit May 18 and 19 to address some of these topics, offering attendees the opportunity to learn more about how to adapt and succeed in the commercial vehicle industry during this unique moment of opportunity. The virtual summit is free to attend and is considered a must-attend event that will bring attendees and industry professionals up to speed on every critical aspect facing the commercial vehicle industry.

The event will focus on some of the following trending topics:

  • Proven commercial use cases for electric vehicles
  • Hydrogen and other alternative fuels
  • Scarcity of inventory
  • How to search and best ordering strategies
  • Biggest new trends in commercial vehicle applications
  • Latest industry data

The first day of the event will address commercial vehicle industry updates while day two’s theme is “Transformative Change.”

“Given the pace of change over the last two years, the opportunity to bring together numerous commercial vehicle experts to share insights about how to adapt and succeed is something we’re proud to offer,” said Steven Henning, senior marketing director at Work Truck Solutions. “Based on early responses, it sounds like many in the industry are excited to see what they can learn from our speakers and panelists. We’re looking forward to another great event.”

You can register for the CVB Summit here.

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