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Changing Landscape: Landscaper Body Updates

June 13th, 2016

Landscaper Body

Considering continued customer feedback and the evolving demands of the landscaping and lawn care industries, Knapheide has introduced several new product changes to its Landscaper and Platform Bodies for 2016 with modularity, efficiency and productivity in mind.

Landscaper Update

A more user-friendly, redesigned 50/50 swing out rear with an all new cam-style center latch makes the Landscaper Body more effective on the jobsite than ever. Less time spent dealing with doors and latches means more time focusing on the job at hand.

Meanwhile, the Landscaper Body’s reinforced bulkhead is now pre-punched to easily accept an optional bolt-on cab protector and tarp mounting kits to make installation of Knapheide Landscapers Bodies more efficient than ever.

A More Applicable Platform

In addition to an improved Landscaper Body, landscapers can now consider Knapheide Platform Bodies as a viable, cost-effective options for their application thanks to all new removable landscaper racks.

The landscaper racks can be easily added to 9’, 12’, and 14’ Value-Master X Platform Bodies or Cargo-Hauler Platform Bodies with BH or BHR series bulkheads to create a modular solution for landscapers’ needs. By enabling landscaping or lawn care customers to easily remove side and rear sections during winter months, the body can be utilized year round as a flatbed in conjunction with a spreader for snow removal applications.

With the introduction of these updates, landscaping and lawn care professionals now have more efficient and applicable options at hand to get their job done year round. It’s part of our commitment to Never Settle, because we know our hard-working customers won’t either.

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