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Make Light Work of Upfitting Your Light-duty Truck

September 30th, 2016

Light Duty Upfit Options

While many applications call for the biggest, toughest work truck you can find, sometimes all that extra bulk just isn’t necessary to get the job done.

Several jobs, including those done by smaller contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters and more, can be done just fine with an adequately spec’d light-duty vehicle. With a little bit of help from some extremely productive accessories, you can turn your light-duty pickup into a true workhorse.

Here are six options to consider when putting together the ultimate light-duty work vehicle.

Truck Caps

Truck Caps/Tonneau Cover

There are a handful of great benefits that come with adding a truck cap or tonneau cover to your pickup: Increased storage, safety and security are just a few. You can find steel, aluminum and fiberglass truck caps featuring storage compartments built into the side, which create service-body-like forced organization for your tools and equipment.

In addition to compartment storage, a truck cap or tonneau cover turns the entire bed of your pickup into a storage compartment thanks to the added security of keeping your items under lock and key. Some caps even include integrated shelves for improved organization.



If a full truck cap or cover seems like overkill, a toolbox can provide increased storage with a smaller footprint and many of the same benefits. Thanks to the various types of toolboxes available, you can configure a storage option to fit your truck and your needs.

In-bed crossboxes and sideboxes provide lower-profile, deep storage for your tools and equipment at the expense of accessibility. For more convenient storage, an above-body sidebox rests on the rails of your bed and is easy to access, but can limit visibility when compared to an in-bed option.

Headache Racks

Headache Rack

This light-duty accessory keeps quite a bit of weight off your shoulders, literally. When hauling heavy and bulky items, you always make sure to secure and protect your cargo. So why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to secure and protect yourself from the cargo?

Headache racks come in many different styles and configurations to match your pickup, style or application. Whether it has louvers or punched construction, there are cab-contoured designs made to fit your specific truck, or one-size-fits-all racks to fit multiple vehicles.

Material Racks

Material Rack

Sure, a long pickup bed is a great place to store things, but why not find a better use for that storage space? Get your long, bulky equipment and supplies up and out of your way with a material rack.

For many years, contractors operating with a light duty truck have relied upon a material rack to turn a regular pickup into an extremely functional work vehicle. A steel or aluminum material rack can be mounted above your pickup bed and cab to essentially raise your cargo above your bed surface and out of your way. Whether it’s pipe, lumber or conduit, material racks are a good place to store lengthy and bulky items.

In addition to supplies, a material rack provides a place to store ladders, tools and other long equipment that you use to get your job done. So, what are you waiting for? Reclaim your pickup bed storage space with a material rack!

Spray Liner

Spray Liner

The bed of a pickup truck is where all the magic happens as far as a work truck is concerned. So it’s important that you’re able to protect the bed from dents, dings and potentially punctures associated with day-to-day work.

This often overlooked area of protection can be applied in varying thicknesses and colors to match your vehicle and application. In addition to increased protection for the bed itself, spray liner also provides a little extra grip that gives you a safer, non-slip surface and keeps cargo in place.

EC Series Service Body

Light Duty Service Bodies

Quite possibly the ultimate option for a light-duty work truck is the addition of a service body. When dealing with a Class 1 chassis, you won’t be able to pick up a standard service body due to weight and payload restrictions.

However, some service body manufacturers, including Knapheide, offer lighter service bodies for specific Class 1 and compact chassis. Although it won’t offer the same payload capabilities, a light service body brings about many of the other benefits you’ll find in a heavy-duty service body.

Curb and street side compartments provide increased storage and organization for your tools, equipment and parts. In addition to the standard compartments and bed storage, you can add many of the aforementioned options to a light service body to increase functionality. By taking advantage of the organization and storage capabilities of a service body, you’re able to take your jobsite productivity to new highs.

With plentiful options available, it’s easy to see how light-duty pickups can be used as a viable work option for the right-sized jobs.


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