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Truck Technology and Total Cost of Ownership

January 8th, 2016

For medium-duty fleets, considering all the factors in technology maintenance and repair is a proven path to lowering costs. In many ways, medium-duty trucks are becoming technology platforms. While their main purpose remains to carry goods for pick-up and delivery operations, and parts and supplies for a wide range of field service businesses, they are also increasingly equipped with systems that enhance safety, efficiency and productivity.

On that list are technologies specified on vehicles and installed by truck OEMs and body and equipment builders, as well as aftermarket solutions added by fleets. Examples include tracking systems, in-cab tablets, printers and scanners for workflow management, video monitoring systems, back-up cameras, tire inflation and monitoring systems, and on-board generators, to name just a few.

“Fleet owners and managers spend a great deal of time evaluating and calculating the total cost of ownership [TCO] for technologies,” says Deryk Powell, president and chief operating officer of technology deployment at Velociti Inc. “One area that is easy to overlook, however, is the maintenance of those systems, which that can require special skills for technicians and replacement parts that aren’t generally stocked by in-house fleet maintenance operations...READ MORE

Source: Fleet Equipment