Knapheide Mentor

The purpose of our Mentor is to develop a relationship with new hires or recent hires to build a relationship with individuals to help them acclimate to Knapheide. To be an active listener that can provide guidance, advice, encouragement, honest feedback and be an advocate for our new employee to help address their concerns.

What the Mentor is not is a representative of the Company to establish rules, guidelines or necessarily defend Knapheide. If issues arise the Mentor has to sort through the issues and bring those back to the designated Knapheide representative to have the issues considered.

Mentors need to be able to communicate clearly in a way that builds upon the relationship while at times having to walk through what behaviors the employee may need to change. Those behaviors may be in the workplace or could be more personal in nature that are not necessarily work related.

If an employee requests confidentiality the Mentor must respect those requests. Only matters that may deal with the safety of the individual or others should be brought to attention to our Knapheide representative.

What do we need for a Mentor to be:

  • Active listener
  • Available to meet during new hire orientations, maintain contact via phone, text, email or in-person as needed.
  • Can be depended upon by the employee to follow up, meet schedules, and provide feedback to Knapheide on a timely basis.
  • Must develop an understanding of Knapheide rules and policies to be able to communicate Knapheide expectations
  • Strong interpersonal skills to build a relationship where honest discussions can be held
  • Well organized with ability to collect data that can be used to evaluate turnover.
  • Must be an individual with high integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Be able to provide written summaries to Knapheide as requested.
  • Prefer to have someone who has experience in building relationships, offering guidance, feedback, and forms of counselling to individuals.
  • Will need to provide their own computer, phone or other office supplies that may be needed in the Mentor role.

The individual will be an independent contractor that an hourly rate will be agreed upon. Payment will be monthly based on the Mentor providing a log of their activities for the month that would include individual by name contacted, time spent per encounter and date of contact. No benefits are provided to an independent contractor.


We offer an excellent compensation and benefit package, that includes access to free medical care at The Knapheide Family Wellness Center (only applicable to Quincy, IL employees) as well as an opportunity to be part of a successful and growing organization.

Interested candidates should apply online to submit a resume in complete confidence.

Human Resources
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Quincy, IL 62305


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