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Landscaper Body on a Ford F-550
Landscaper Body on a Ford F-550

Landscape Work Trucks

Knapheide's Landscaper Body isn't your normal Landscaper Body. It includes optimized standard features to take your landscaping or lawn care operation to a new level. Need the ability to transfer, dump and distribute bulk materials like mulch, dirt, rock and more? The integrated dump hoist provides effortless operation while an optional metering gate enables the landscaper to easily control filling wheelbarrows. Load and haul palletized materials? A 50" side access swing out door accommodates for quick forklift loading. Add additional functionality with an optional storage pack or underbody toolbox. If you want to upgrade your landscaping vehicle, check out the Knapheide Landscaper Body.

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Landscaper Bodies Specifications

Document contains Landscaper Bodies specifications for dual rear wheel cab chassis with 60" CA-84" CA.

Landscaper Cab Protector

Knapheide's bolt-on cab protector can be easily added onto a Knapheide Landscaper Body.  The solid steel construction provides protection for the cab and establishes a location for a tarp to be mounted.

Landscaper Bolt-On Cab Protector Catalog Page

PFPP30-B_20180409.pdf (43.55K)
Landscaper Storage Pack

This Landscaper I-pack was designed by Knapheide to be able to store anything that a Landscaper would carry. The street side features storage area that includes four swivel hooks and a lockable compartment door. The curb side features two fixed shelves and a tool storage bin that extends out 48" for easy retrieving and storing of longer tools and equipment (lockable as well). The Knapheide Landscaper Body shouldn't be complete without the Landscaper Storage Pack.

Landscaper Storage Pack Catalog Page

PFPP31-B_20170905.pdf (54.86K)
Knapheide Toolboxes - Steel

Knapheide Toolboxes can be easily added to Knapheide Platform, Gooseneck, Dump, and Forestry Bodies for additional storage capacity. Above or under body toolboxes are available in a variety of different sizes to fit your application, from 20" in length up to 60" in length.

Toolbox Catalog Page

TBKKPP05-B_20181004.pdf (33.75K)

So you just bought a Knapheide Landscaper or Platform Body but need a heavy duty hoist to handle your dumping applications?  Knapheide's Knaphoist has the patented lost motion device providing low mounting height resulting in greater stability, which keeps you safe during your dump.  Our 3/4" thick high strength steel is much more durable and stable compared to formed steel used in competitor hoists.  So when you need the most reliable hoist in the industry, choose the Knaphoist. 

Knaphoist-Single Control Valve (12'-14' Platforms) Catalog Page

HSTPP01_20180627.pdf (82.89K)

Knaphoist-Single Control Valve (16'-24' Platforms) Catalog Page

HSTPP02_20180627.pdf (124.87K)

Knaphoist-Dual Control Valve Catalog Page

HSTPP03_20180627.pdf (100.85K)

Knaphoist-Subframe Hoist Catalog Page

HSTPP04-B_20180201.pdf (35.74K)

Knaphoist-Subframe Hoist For 1999 & Later Ford Super Duty Catalog Page

HSTPP05-B_20180201.pdf (35.76K)
Rear Gates With Drop Down Tailgate

Punched upper rear gates swing out 270 degrees and secures in the open or closed position. Tailgate drops down for dumping application. 

Rear Gates with Drop Down Tailgate & Metering Chute

Punched upper rear gates swing out 270 degrees and secures in the open or closed position. Tailgate drops down for dumping application.  Rear tailgate includes integrated metering chute for controlling the spread of material.

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