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PG-93B Westerner Flatbed with steel stake racks on a Ram 3500
PG-93B Westerner Flatbed with steel stake racks on a Ram 3500

Flatbed Fit For Nearly Any Vocation

The Westerner Platform Body is one of Knapheide's most economical yet reliable flatbed models. Standard flatbed models are available for both single and dual rear wheel chassis, in body lengths from 8'-14'. Reinforced internal stake pockets accept numerous side accessories for further customization. Complete immersion of the Westerner Flatbed in Knapheide's E-Coat prime paint system along with undercoating provides years of a durable finish. If you're in the market for a reliable flatbed, look into Knapheide's Westerner Flatbed.

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Westerner Flatbeds specifications (Single Rear Wheel, 80 Series)

Document contains Westerner Flatbeds specifications (80 Series) for single rear wheel cab chassis.

Westerner Flatbed Specifications (Dual Rear Wheel, 94 Series)

Document contains Westerner Flatbed specifications (94 Series) for dual rear wheel cab chassis.

Rope Hooks

Have problems securing your cargo to your platform? Problem solved, introducing rope hooks for Knapheide Platform Bodies. Constructed of 1/2" diameter steel rod and welded on the front side of cross sills, Knapheide rope hooks can handle any cargo securing demands.

Rope Hooks Catalog Page

PFPP18-B_20160603.pdf (85.38K)
Steel Stake Racks - Platform Bodies

Knapheide Stake Racks can turn virtually any Knapheide Platform into a Stake Body. Stake height choices are 28" or 40". Choose our secure interlocking clip style or our simple quiet latch connection systems. No matter if you are hauling hay or brush, Knapheide Stake Racks have you covered.

Steel Stake Rack Sets & Sections (80 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP03-B_20160603.pdf (86.90K)

Steel Stake Rack Options (80 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP04-B_20160603.pdf (85.99K)

Steel Stake Rack Sets (94 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP08-B_20160603.pdf (86.05K)

Steel Stake Rack Sections & Options (94 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP09-B_20160603.pdf (87.06K)

Steel Stake Rack Sets (96 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP12-B_20160603.pdf (86.95K)

Steel Stake Rack Sections & Options (96 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP13-B_20160603.pdf (87.12K)

Steel Stake Rack Sets, Sections, & Options (102 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP19-B_20160603.pdf (87.31K)
Knapheide Toolboxes - Steel

Knapheide Toolboxes can be easily added to Knapheide Platform, Gooseneck, Dump, and Forestry Bodies for additional storage capacity. Above or under body toolboxes are available in a variety of different sizes to fit your application, from 20" in length up to 60" in length.

Toolbox Catalog Page

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BHTS Bulkhead

Knapheide's BHTS Bulkhead features a punched window for maximum operator visibility and a tapered design for improved aesthetics.  The BHTS bulkhead is compatible with Westerner Platform Bodies and can be used in conjunction with steel stake racks.

BHTS Bulkhead (80 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP02-B_20160603.pdf (77.80K)

BHTS Bulkhead (94 Series) Catalog Page

PFPP07-B_20160603.pdf (87.29K)
Steel Platform Bodies Literature
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