The Westerner Platform Body from Knapheide

Knapheide’s Westerner Platform Body is one of the company’s most economical yet reliable flatbed models.

Standard flatbed models are available for both single and dual rear wheel chassis, in body lengths from 8′-14′. Reinforced internal stake pockets accept numerous side accessories for further customization. Complete immersion of the Westerner Flatbed in Knapheide’s E-Coat prime paint system along with undercoating provides years of a durable finish.

If you’re in the market for a reliable flatbed, look into the Knapheide Westerner Flatbed.

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E-Coat Immersion

Knapheide Bodies are fully immersed in Knapheide's 12-step, electrodeposition prime paint system for superior corrosion resistance.

Platform Structure

Structural long sills with gusseted cross members | 4” on 11’ and shorter platforms | 5” on 12’ and longer platforms. 12-gauge high strength cross members are spaced on 18” centers.


1/8” treadplate floor with integral formed side rail creates a rigid floor design


One piece rear skirt has screened covers for chassis light protection.

Stake Pockets

Reinforced internal stake pockets are sized to accept 2x4 lumber as well as a wide array of Knapheide side options.


Under side of body receives additional corrosion protection with Knapheide's water-based undercoat.

Recessed LED Lighting

Recessed LED RID lights located on the front and back corners of the side rails and rear tail skirt for increased visibility.

Front/Side Rails

Front and side rails constructed of heavy duty 12 gauge formed steel for structural superiority.

Finish Paint

Durable oven-cured finish coat paint on top of Knapheide's exclusive electrodeposition prime paint for a clean overall appearance.

Rope Hooks

Constructed of 1/2" diameter steel rod and welded on the front side of cross sills

Stake Racks

Available 28" or 40" height. Choose from interlocking clip style or simple quiet latch connection systems.


Available for Knapheide Platform, Gooseneck, Dump, and Forestry Bodies for additional storage capacity. Above or under body toolboxes available in multiple sizes to fit your application.

BHTS Bulkhead

Drop-in style bulkhead with punched window for maximum visibility and a tapered design. Can be used with steel stake racks on Weterner flatbeds.

Receiver Hitch

All Knapheide Platforms have receiver hitch options available for your hauling needs/demands. Includes under ride protection.

BHT Bulkhead

Tapered, drop-in style bulkhead with punched window. Compatible with platforms without racks or grain sides.

BHG Bulkhead

Drop-in rectangular bulkhead with a punched window for superior corrosion resistance. Compatible with all Knapheide Platforms.

BHR and BHRB Series Bulkhead

Rectangular bulkhead, heavy duty reinforced. Weld-on (BHR) and bolt-on (BHRB) style with punched window. Compatible with all platforms. Bulkhead material: 11-gauge high strength steel (102 Series 56” models are 10-gauge) Vertical post material: 11-gauge high strength steel outer post, 3” structural channel inner post

BHRT Bulkhead

Rectangular, weld-on style bulkhead with tapered corners and reinforced design. Compatible with all Knapheide Platforms.

Actual LengthActual WidthChassis CAModelNet Weight (lbs)Long Sill Spacing
Single Rear Wheel
Dual Rear Wheel
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