Being a plumber is hard work, and you need a work truck that works just as hard for you. In fact, your truck should make things easier on you. When your livelihood counts on the reliability and efficiency of your tools, one of which is your work truck, it’s important they’re always ready to work when and as hard as you do.

Utility Bodies

GM KUV 129 DL (9)

With a secured cargo area for large and high-dollar items, conduit chutes for dedicated pipe storage and side-accessible storage, a utility body is the ideal work truck for plumbers that get things done.

In addition to those standard productivity-boosting features, there are a number of options and accessories commonly used by plumbers.


Liftgate – Stop unloading heavy items like water heaters and jetting equipment by hand. Increase job safety and productivity with a liftgate.

Pipe Vise Bracket – Don’t find yourself continually running back and forth from your work bench. Measure and cut pipe or conduit right on site with this option.

Cargo Area Crane – Using a small telescopic crane mounted directly inside the rear cargo doors for loading and unloading heavy equipment can, like a liftgate, improve safety and efficiency.

Ladder Racks – Keep your cargo area clear for transporting other large or bulky items by storing your ladders up and out of the way. Ladder racks can be fixed or swing down, depending on your needs.

Mechanics Drawers – Organize your tools within your regular utility body compartments with a dedicated mechanics drawer set so they are easy to locate when you need them.

Parts Bins – Plumbers carry a lot of fittings, valves and many more small components. Organize and store them in bins specifically made for both large and small parts.

Service Bodies

Aluminum Service Bed Ram

A service body is a versatile alternative to a utility body that can provide many of the same advantages. Various-sized open cargo areas provide flexible carrying capacity for items like water heaters and jetting equipment. Easily-accessible external storage compartments create efficiency and organization to keep your business running smooth.

With the addition of some popular options, a service body can meet nearly any of your work needs.


Material Rack – One of the most popular options for contractors, a material rack allows you to easily transport copper, PVC, ladders and other long materials.

Mechanics Drawers – Keep your tools organized within your service body’s external storage compartments with a mechanics drawer set.

Fliptops – Put all of your fittings, valves and other small or medium sized parts in the dividable flip top compartments for quick and easy access.

Compartment Lighting – When emergency calls or big jobs keep you working late in the day, compartment lighting will keep you running.

Pipe Vise Bracket – Bring your workshop to the back of your truck. A pipe vise bracket allows you to measure and cut pipe or conduit right on site.

Receiver Hitch – When hauling a trailer for your trencher or other large equipment, you’re going to need a receiver hitch for that heavy pulling.