September 21, 2016


Following the summer announcement of its selection as a Mercedes-Benz MasterSolutions upfitter, Knapheide Manufacturing is pleased to offer ship-thru capabilities for Mercedes-Benz Metris and Sprinter commercial vehicles. Customers can begin placing orders through Knapheide beginning October 3.

“Knapheide is very pleased to support Mercedes-Benz in its focus on commercial business with general ship-thru service and MasterSolutions packages,” Knapheide Manager of Product Strategy and Marketing Tony Marshall said. “Mercedes-Benz van products and Knapheide upfit service is a great combination to sell to meet commercial customer’s needs.”

Knapheide announced its selection as a Mercedes-Benz MasterSolutions upfitter in July. As part of the MasterSolutions program, Knapheide will provide easy-to-order Metris and Sprinter cargo van, cab chassis, and eventually cutaway chassis upfit packages to Mercedes-Benz dealers.

Knapheide is in the process of establishing an installation center in Charleston, South Carolina in close proximity to Mercedes’ van assembly facilities for streamlined operations.

“Having a location near Mercedes’ facilities will allow us to be nimble and responsive to customer requests and potential volume.” Marshall said.

For more information about Knapheide’s Mercedes-Benz ship-thru and MasterSolutions capabilities, visit Knapheide’s ship-thru page or the Mercedes-Benz website.

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