• Steel Service Truck Body

    Steel Service Body

    These tough steel beds with external storage for gear and supplies have been the leading choice for 50+ years, with each generation innovating upon the previous to better serve the mobile workforce.

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  • Aluminum Service Body

    Aluminum Service Body

    The popular open truck bed with external storage comes in naturally corrosion resistant and lightweight aluminum, giving users superior durability, better fuel efficiency and higher payload capacity.

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  • Combo Body

    Combo Body

    This service and flatbed truck bed hybrid seamlessly integrates external storage compartments, an overhead material rack, and rear drop-down stake sides to support a variety of oversized cargo.

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  • Crane Body

    Crane Service Body

    This iteration of our service truck bed is properly reinforced to withstand the weight and torsional forces of the heavy items you lift and position on the job site via hydraulic or electric crane.

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  • Line Body

    Line Service Body

    Electrical power and telecommunications installation, maintenance and repair is streamlined with an open or enclosed service truck bed that accommodates digger derricks, aerial and non-aerial uses.

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