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Line Body designed for aerial device on Ford F-750.
Line Body designed for aerial device on Ford F-750.

Aerial Bucket Trucks or Digger Derricks

Knapheide Line Bodies are engineered to handle some of the most demanding applications out there. Compatible with medium-duty or heavy-duty chassis, Knapheide Line Bodies have been put to the test in many different industries including utility, municipality, power generation, construction and more. H-Series models feature compartments behind the rear axle specifically for ground or aerial applications while BH-Series (bobtail) bodies do not have compartments behind the rear axle to accommodate digger derrick applications. If your job calls for a reliable and rugged Line Body, choose Knapheide.

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Knapheide Modular Tailshelf

Maximize the versatility, workspace and storage opportunities of your Knapheide body with the use of the Knapheide Modular tailshelf option. A fully welded structure with interchangeable components allows you to customize this option based on your needs. The tailshelf is available in (2) widths 89” and 94” and (5) depths of 12”, 18”, 24”, 30” or 36”. Features include a pass-through interior shelf for additional storage, preconfigured for side wheel chocks (in lieu of pass through compartment) with available loose options such as: Cable Steps, Flex Steps, Vise plates, Grab rails and Retainer rails, customizing with this modular tailshelf is an easy choice.

Knapheide Modular Tailshelf Catalog Page

UBOPG095-B_20180108.pdf (63.01K)
Pull-Out Tray

Heavy duty 500 lb. capacity Pull Out Tray is mounted on ball bearing slides for easy and smooth operation. Tray is constructed of 12 gauge steel and is lined with 3/4" plywood. Tray latches in both the open and closed position for convenience.

Pull Out Tray Catalog Page

UBOPG015-B_20171009.pdf (64.47K)
Cable Steps

Cable Steps are a popular option for Service Bodies, specifically Crane and Line bodies with higher bumpers. Cable Steps give the ability to users to safely access the cargo bed area of the body without having to jump up or down. Let Cable Steps make your job a little bit easier and a lot safer.

Cable Steps Catalog Page

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Cargo Tie Downs

Cargo Tie-Down option is the perfect solution to keeping heavy equipment safe and secure in your cargo area. Option includes tie down points positioned with even increments on both sides of the body (set of four or set of six). Tie-Downs are rated at 2,000 lbs. and are zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Cargo Tie-Downs (Service/Utility Bodies) Catalog Page

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Codeable Padlock

Knapheide's Codeable Padlock is designed with convenience in mind. Simply put your vehicle ignition key into the cylinder and turn. The padlock learns your vehicle ignition key code and eliminates the need to carry both ignition key and padlock key. The Knapheide Codeable Padlock: simple, safe, secure.

Codeable Padlock Catalog Page

UBOPG121-B_20161010.pdf (234.09K)

The E-track available enables the operator to secure large items within the cargo area, whether it be open or enclosed. The option is available installed from the factory with either one row or two rows of E-track. A wide vareity of add-on accessories are available to further customize for the application including ladder/tool hooks, stationary/swivel hooks, ring holders, tailboard channels, spare tire retainers, and bottle retainers.

E-Track E-Literature

E-Track-E-Literature.pdf (393.71K)

E-Track Catalog Page

UBOPG027-B_20180108.pdf (452.12K)
Grab Handles

Grab Handles are constructed of all steel, with your choice of zinc or chrome plating for an attractive appearance. Knapheide Grab Handles are available for most Knapheide Service Bodies. Access your cargo area easier and safer with Knapheide Grab Handles.

Grab Handles Catalog Page

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Master Locking System

The Knapheide Master Locking System allows you to lock all compartments on one side with a single move. The Master Locking System operates independent of your key locks for an extra layer of security. Since Knapheide knows you have thousands of dollars of tools and equipment in your body, we understand security is first priority. So check out the Master Locking System and also take a look at our Codeable Padlock as a great accessory.

Master Locking System Catalog Page

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Telescopic Sliding Roof

The Knapheide Telescopic Sliding Roof is designed to protect the contents of your cargo area from theft. Knapheide's TSR comes in either a two or three piece section and when fully opened allows access to half of your cargo area. Keep the contents of your cargo area safe and secure with a Knapheide TSR.

Telescopic Sliding Roof Catalog Page

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Torsion Box Floor

Torsion Box Floor is designed to minimize torsional stress to the body. Torsion Box Floor applications include operating the vehicle on severe off road environments for Standard Service Bodies and Line Bodies and crane operation for CRK Service Bodies. Torsion Box Floor should be ordered in conjunction with Crane Reinforcement Kit (CRK) option.

Torsion Box Floor (Standard Service Bodies) Catalog Page

UBOPG114_20180201-Revised.pdf (93.07K)

Torsion Box Floor (Line Bodies) Catalog Page

UBOPG115-B_20171204.pdf (97.92K)

Torsion Box Floor (Crane Reinforcement Kit Applications) Catalog Page

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Mechanics Vise Bracket

Knapheide’s Mechanics Vise Bracket is compatible with most Service, Utility and Line bodies. Constructed of 3/16” steel, the vise bracket is designed to be used in conjunction with treadplate and Galva-grip bumpers. Adjustable in increments of 1”, the bracket can be elevated from 2” to 8” above the top of the bumper. The mounting surface is pre-punched to accommodate a 3-1/2”, 4” and 4-1/2" Wilton vise. The Knapheide Mechanics Vise Bracket is designed to bring convenience and versatility to your jobsite.

Mechanics Vise Bracket Catalog Page

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Side Mount Ladder Rack

Knapheide's Side Mount Ladder Rack is constructed of 1" structural pipe and includes rubberized nylon belts in order to secure the ladder in the stowed position. Maximum carrying capacity of the Side Mount Ladder Rack is 150 lbs.

Side Mount Ladder Rack Catalog Page

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Line Body Bumpers

Line Bodies demand rugged bumpers and tailshelves to withstand tough jobsite conditions.  Knapheide has developed several bumpers and tailshelves compatible with their Line Bodies, including recess bumpers for hauling heavy loads.  Look through our selection of Line Body bumpers and tailshelves listed below.

Grip Strut Bumper with Prime Paint

UBOPG009-B_20190204.pdf (129.03K)

Tailshelf & Tailshelf With Through Compartment

UBOPG057-B_20160603.pdf (98.32K)

Galva-Grip Recess Bumper with Prime Paint

UBOPG004-B_20190204.pdf (83.87K)

Galva-Grip Step Bumper with Prime Paint

UBOPG005-B_20190204.pdf (76.39K)

Galva-Grip Straight Bumper with Prime Paint

UBOPG006-B_20190204.pdf (71.58K)

Tailshelf Options

UBOPG57-B_201904.pdf (457.39K)
Spare Tire Retainer

Universal spare tire retainer designed to accept tires as small as 14" up to 22.5", with 6" of vertical adjustability.  Hardware is zinc plated to prevent corrosion and two carriage head retaining bolts (3" and 10") are included.  Spare tire retainer can be mounted on the street side of the cargo area positioned close to the front of the body (near bulkhead).

Spare Tire Retainer Catalog Page

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Line Bodies Literature
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