“I am proud to say that Knapheide has helped us build the business to where it is today.”

KJ Pringle has always been interested in moving parts and vehicles. 

“Basically, anything with wheels or an engine/motor has always grabbed my attention,” Pringle says. “And with golf carts being extremely popular in the Charleston [South Carolina] area, it was hard not to get interested in them and learn everything there was to know about them.”

His fascination with everything motorized coupled with the abundance of golf carts in his area led Pringle to start Crosstown Express, a mobile golf cart mechanic service, in 2018. The business has grown significantly in the past four years and now serves customers all over the Charleston area and beyond.

Crosstown Express alleviates the hassle for golf cart owners by bringing services directly to them.

“What started out as a word-of-mouth business became a rapidly growing mobile repair service,” Pringle recalls of the aggressive expansion of his business. “Not only am I the founder of the business, but I also run the day-to-day operations and serve as a mobile mechanic on a daily basis.” 

Needless to say, Pringle stays perpetually busy. So, when the need to become more efficient and organized amid his packed schedule arose, Pringle started looking for a work truck body that would allow Crosstown Express to operate in the most practical and time-conscious manner. His search quickly led him to Knapheide.

“Since the business began, I had been handling all of the work out of a 2016 Ram 1500 short bed pickup, and climbing in and out of the bed to pull tools and equipment out of my standard truck toolbox was getting to be inconvenient,” Pringle recalls. “We saw the need for a more efficient work vehicle that would be both durable and professional looking. So, in January 2020, my wife and I purchased a 2019 Ram 2500 crew cab with a steel Knapheide Service Body.”

Pringle notes that he initially looked at other brands of truck bodies in his search for the most practical upfit, but felt that Knapheide provided a better overall “feel” and build. 

“I did not get the same good feeling with other trucks and bodies as I did with my Knapheide,” says Pringle.

Pringle says his Knapheide Service Body has allowed for more efficient operation by offering ample and practical storage solutions.

It didn’t take long before Crosstown Express was up and running with the new setup, tackling the demands of their daily workload with increased efficiency.

“A typical day for us includes handling scheduled jobs from routine brake jobs to full battery replacements,” says Pringle of his usual schedule. “We can also be called out at any time to a local hospital or other businesses who rely on golf carts to play vital roles in their daily operations. So we needed a truck body that would not only help us exude a high level of professionalism, but also keep our tools, parts, and other equipment highly organized.”

So far, he’s been very impressed with his purchase and the positive impact it’s had on the business.

“This is the first service body truck that I have personally owned, but I have worked with several different service vehicles over the last ten years and Knapheide stands out amongst the crowd,” Pringle says of his prior experience. “From the quality of the latches to the durability of the compartments and hinges, you know you are getting a superior product that will last when you buy a Knapheide body.”

Pringle says the driver’s side compartments on his Service Body are the most frequently used. Housed here is a variety of tools, equipment, and accessories that include floor jacks, air pumps, battery-operated power tools, sockets, wrenches, pliers, and a variety of other important components that help Crosstown Express carry out the demands of the job.

“On the other side of the truck is where we keep a lot of the parts used for service and repairs,” Pringle informs. “We also have jack stands, corded tools, a slide hammer, gear puller, sledge hammer, and other things that may not get used every day, but you’re glad to have on hand if needed. The compartments are all deep enough and tall enough to accommodate a ton of tools, making our life easier in the field.”

Pringle says the Service Body has also helped simplify many of the otherwise taxing aspects of the job.

Pringle sought a truck body that could not only keep him organized, but also stand up to his payload demands.

“We haul pallets of batteries while towing golf carts on trailers at the same time,” he says. “The Ram 2500 paired with this 8-foot Knapheide Service Body makes tough jobs like these really feel like easy work.”

Growth of the business and a positive reputation are two things Pringle also attributes to his work truck.

“Our Knapheide Service Body helped us tremendously when it came to building our business,” Pringle says. “Thanks to the clean look of the truck/body combo and the clean, simple graphics that we chose, many clients admitted that they called us because we looked professional. So, our truck definitely helped us build our reputation in and around the greater Charleston area.” 

Based on his experience with his Knapheide Service Body, Pringle has preliminary plans to add another Knapheide body to the Crosstown Express fleet in the future. 

“We will most likely be purchasing another Service Body or flatbed here in the next few months depending upon availability,” he says. “We know the quality and durability we’ll be getting with a Knapheide product will be unmatched. There is a reason you see these on every truck around and why I would definitely recommend a Knapheide body to anyone else.” 

Pringle says the truck has been “a true game changer” for Crosstown Express. 

“Not only has it increased efficiency with tool, equipment, and part storage, but it has created an amazing form of free advertising,” he says. “My clients always compliment us on our truck and we’d truly be lost without it. I am proud to say that Knapheide has helped us build the business to where it is today.”