Publish Date

April 22, 2024

You need a work truck that is reliable, durable and efficient, too. That's why Knapheide created the Aluminum Knapheide Mechanics Truck 1 (AKMT1). It's built to withstand the rigors of your demanding work and provide you with the payload you need to create a workstation on wheels.

It's a lighter-weight solution.

The AKMT1 is built with both steel and aluminum, which provides you with the best of both worlds. The crane compartment and understructure are strong and sturdy, manufactured out of steel. And with the aluminum side packs, you gain approximately 1,000 lb. of payload capacity (compared to the standard steel KMT1). So, you can rest assured (or rather, work assured) knowing that you can haul all the tools and components you need to do any job.

It's a workstation on wheels.

Storage is paramount. And perhaps one of the few things that is more important than storage is organization within your storage. But thanks to Knapheide's meticulously designed storage compartments, and standard options like CTech extreme-duty aluminum mechanics 7-drawer sets and bolt bins, you don't need to worry. Every tool and component will have a place, eliminating clutter and streamlining your workflow.

It's lasting.

You know that durability is non-negotiable. After all, your work truck is subjected to constant wear and tear. But thanks to the aluminum construction of its side packs, the AKMT1 will provide you with superior corrosion resistance, safeguarding your work truck from rust longer. And this longevity minimizes your maintenance costs and maximizes uptime, which ensures that you'll be able to focus on your work without interruption.

It's now available.

Current available options include: AKMT1-11, AKMT1-11-MD, AKMT1-11R and AKMT1-11R-MD.

Check out the photos and video below to get a closer look at the AKMT1's features and standard options. Then, click the links below to learn how you can add AKMT1s to your fleet.