Accessories to help you get the job done

Van Accessories from Knapheide Van Equipment customize your cargo van’s cargo area and interior to meet the needs of your specific vocation.

By offering increased functionality, capability, and storage options for electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians and general contractors alike, Knapheide Van Equipment accessories make the perfect commercial van equipment compliment for any user. Easily add drawers, dividers, cabinets, holders, cargo management, and much more to maximize the effectiveness of your van equipment setup.

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Accessories for Every Job

A wide range of accessory options for many types of jobs and use cases. Create storage for your tools, hoses, cords, and supplies.

Easy Tool Access

Create easy and quick access for all of your most important tools and parts for your jobsite. Increased organization and productivity means increased revenue.

Maximize Storage

Create tangible space out of spaces like end panels by adding accessories that allow you to store tools, hoses, booklets and more.

Option No.ApplicationNominal Width (In.)Nominal Depth (In.)Nominal Height (In.)Weight (lbs.)
Shelving Options
33897887SDIV3 Divider for Narrow Shelf Tray0.45
33897888SDIV4 Divider for Full Size Shelf Tray0.45
33897889SDIV4L Divider for Shelf w/ Bolt-On Lip0.13
33897884SL4 Bolt-On Shelf Lip1.49
33897885SL6 Bolt-On Shelf Lip2.48
33897872S44 Upgradable Shelf Kit8.15
33897883S46 Upgradable Shelf Kit12.30
33897869S42 Shelf Tray Kit5.25
33897870S44 Shelf Tray Kit9.41
33897871S46 Shelf Tray Kit13.58
33897856DDIV4-6 Drawer Divider0.21
33897867DDIV4-10 Drawer Divider0.32
33897812DW42-6 Drawer19144.005.00
33897813DW42-10 Drawer19146.506.47
33897814DW44-6 Drawer381448.99
33897815DW44-10 Drawer38146.512.25
33897868DR40-18 Drop Down Door38127.53
33897892HS Hook Strip Kit1.70
33897303CH Cord Holder0.24
33897893WSH Wire Spool Holder Kit1.70
33897894CRH Cable Reel Holder Kit3.05
33897890SP Storage Pocket Hard Plastic Kit0.90
33897891PSP Paper Storage Pocket Kit1.40
33897895BSP Big Storage Pocket Kit2.40