Van Storage Solutions

Knapheide Van Boxes offer innovative storage solutions that meet the needs of your work.

Functional features like grab handles, interlocking mechanisms and dividers allow technicians to get the job done quicker, easier and safer than ever. From small hardware to larger power tools, Knapheide Van Equipment Boxes allow technicians to build a van package that can efficiently store what they need on board.

Don’t settle for ordinary, less-functional van storage bins, choose Knapheide Van Equipment.

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Slide and Secure

Van storage bins integrate into the shelving unit, slide in and the bin secures into place for easy transport.

Improved Mobility

Quickly retrieve the bin that has the right parts and tools and go from curb side to work site.

Time Savings

No more time wasted trying to locate the right parts and tools, van storage bins provide superior organization.

Option No.ApplicationNominal Width (In.)Nominal Depth (In.)Nominal Height (In.)1X1 Inset Boxes1X2 Inset Boxes1X4 Inset Boxes2X2 Inset Boxes2X3 Inset Boxes2X6 Inset BoxesWeight (lbs.)
12322848Box Slide 04 Blue0.07
33897886SS4 Shelf Slides W2 Tower0.38
33897371S-Box 04-9 G5.913.76.01.13
33897372S-Box Wide 04-9 G11.813.76.01.72
12322798S-Box Divider0.07
12322814S-Box Divider Wide0.16
33897074L-Box 102 Empty G17.414.14.64.6
33897085L-Box 102 MixedIB G17.414.14.66.3
33897086L-Box 102 SCTray G17.414.14.66.2
33897257L-Box 136 Empty G17.414.15.94.9
33897268L-Box 136 SCTray G17.414.15.95.7
33897373T-Box Empty G------------3.90
33897043T-Box Mixed IB G6422115.10
33897374T-Box 1x1 IB 48 G--48--------5.10
33897375T-Box 1x2 IB 24 G----24------5.10
33897376T-Box 2x2 IB 12 G------12----5.10
33897377T-Box 2x3 IB 8 G--------8--5.10
33897042T-Box 2x6 IB 4 G----------45.10
33897270Inset Box 1x1 IB G2.
33897281Inset Box 1x2 IB G4.
33897292Inset Box 2x2 IB G4.
33897293Inset Box 2x3 IB G4.
33897294Inset Box 2x6 IB G4.