Expand the capability of your service vehicle

Knapheide Van Shelving features a modular design and durable powder-coated steel construction.

Creating organization storage solutions for your specific jobsite needs, Knapheide Van Shelving boasts a load rating of 175 lbs. per shelf to handle the toughest jobs while improving the appearance and practicality of the back of your service vehicle.

No matter your industry, you know that time equals money when on the job. That’s why those who require van equipment solutions choose Knapheide.

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Steel Construction

Powder-coated steel construction adds additional strength while superior engineering maintains light weight and rigidity.


Create a custom shelving solution by pairing the shelving units you want for the vehicle, from Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and more commercial vans, and job you have. Add modular boxes and accessories to step your productivity up even further.


Knapheide Van Equipment Shelving can easily be upgraded with an assortment of boxes and accessories to make your work vehicle tailor made to get your job done.

Option No.ApplicationNominal Width (In.)Nominal Depth (In.)Nominal Height (In.)No. of ShelvesS-Boxes IncludedWeight
338977694260-1 Shelving Base2115442030.64
338977714280-1 Shelving Base2115583041.75
3389777342100-1 Shelving Base2115714051.7
338977754460-1 Shelving Base4015443455.04
338977874480-1 Shelving Base4015584470.54
3389778944100-1 Shelving Base4015715483.15
338977914660-1 Shelving Base5915443672.31
338977934680-1 Shelving Base5915584692.95
3389779546100-1 Shelving Base59157156108.1
338977704260-2 Shelving Extension2015442021.43
338977724280-2 Shelving Extension2015583029.61
3389777442100-2 Shelving Extension2015714036.18
338977764460-2 Shelving Extension3915443039.62
338977884480-2 Shelving Extension3915584052.19
3389779044100-2 Shelving, Extension3915715061.42
338977924660-2 Shelving Extension5815443054.08
338977944680-2 Shelving Extension5815584071.79
3389779646100-2 Shelving Extension5815715083.56
338977974160TR-1 Freon Tank Rack Base1515443N/A30.42
338978084160TR-2 Freon Tank Rack Extension1515443N/A21.21
338978094180TR-1 Freon Tank Rack Base1515584N/A40.28
338978104180TR-2 Freon Tank Rack Extension1515584N/A28.14
33897811FTS Freon Tank Shelf Kit with StrapN/A