Tools to increase your work truck's productivity on the job

From products that help you get the job done, to products that help you look better while getting the job done, accessories are an important part of every work truck. Be sure to compliment your truck body and equipment with the right accessories for jobsite productivity.

Mobile Work Truck Equipment

Whether it's compressors, cranes, snow plows or spreaders, the equipment you put in and on your truck is integral to the work you do. Knapheide Truck Equipment Centers feature one of the nation's widest offerings of work truck equipment from the top brands.

Truck Equipment at Knapheide

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All-in-one Power Units

When space is at a premium, an all-in-one power system can help you meet your on-site power, welding, air compressor, and more. When you can’t afford to sacrifice space or productivity, an all-in-one from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center is a perfect solution for your work truck needs.


Backup Cameras

When working with large commercial vehicles, visibility can often be one of the most prominent pain points. A backup camera installed by the Knapheide Truck Equipment Center can provide the safety and visibility needed when reversing on the job site.


From rotary screw, reciprocating or PTO-driven air compressors, Knapheide Truck Equipment Center has the air compressor you need. When you need to deliver pneumatic power on the job, an on-board air compressor from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center will fit the bill.


Offering a wide selection of cranes that can create a work-ready service vehicle, Knapheide Truck Equipment Center will provide you the lifting power needed to complete even the toughest jobs in construction, mining, agriculture, equipment repair, and more.


Drawer Systems

A quality mechanic toolbox in your work truck helps take your field service capabilities to a new level. Built for durability and increased organization, a drawer system from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center offers capable and rugged storage options for your tools.

Headache Racks

When hauling heavy and bulky cargo, taking the proper safety precautions is necessary. In addition to adequate stacking and securing of cargo, a failsafe option for keeping you and your passengers safe is a headache rack or cab guard available at Knapheide Truck Equipment Center.


The ability to safely and securely haul equipment and trailers is essential in nearly every line of work. With many different brands and hitch types available, Knapheide Truck Equipment Center can fit your vehicle with a hitch that can stand up to all your demands.


When continuous loading and unloading of bulk material is part of your daily job, the ability to quickly dump the contents of your truck body is vital. A hoist from your Knapheide Truck Equipment Center can take the functionality of your dump body to new levels.


Bringing AC power with you to the jobsite is easier than ever with the installation of an inverter. Whether you’re looking for power for work tools, computers, or other equipment, an inverter from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center can provide the right amount of power you’re seeking.


When you need extra lifting power to get the job done, a liftgate from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center is the perfect solution. Whether you’re moving heavy materials or simply looking for a better way to load/unload, we have a liftgate to suit your needs.


Whether you need to extend your working hours or equip your vehicle with proper safety lighting, choose from a variety of lighting products installed by your Knapheide Truck Equipment Center to provide one of the most important and beneficial components of your work truck.

Lube Skids

When it comes to field service, it’s not always possible or efficient to bring your equipment from the field back to the shop. For some applications, a fuel lube truck isn’t necessary. In instances like these, a lube skid from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center is a perfect option to keep your work equipment running efficiently.

Material and Ladder Racks

When your ladders and other large, important work materials aren’t in use, it’s important they’re out of the way. A truck ladder rack from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center gives you the ability to conveniently and safely store ladders and materials out of the way.

Snow Plows

When others count on you during winter weather conditions, you can count on Knapheide Truck Equipment Center to provide you with the highest quality snow removal products like pushers, plows, and blades that will help you make easy work of the toughest snow removal jobs.


A commercial spreader is one of the most effective ways to make the removal of snow and ice less painful. Carrying many of the quality brands you know in the snow removal industry, Knapheide Truck Equipment Center can make your winter work faster and more efficient than ever.

Tarp Systems

When quick, easy coverage of your dump or work body cargo is needed, a tarp system installed by Knapheide Truck Equipment Center protects your cargo. In addition to protection from the elements, a tarp system can add an additional layer of security for your cargo during transport.


Truck toolboxes are an excellent solution for additional storage for your work truck thanks to their modular nature and ease of installation, giving you plenty of secured storage. Knapheide Truck Equipment Center offers a wide range of truck storage box options to fit your work truck.

Transfer Tanks

Having fuel or other important liquids on board your work truck can come in handy at an off-road job site. Additionally, an automotive-quality transfer tank from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center can maximize your truck’s fuel capacity, driving range, and ultimately work capacity.

Truck Caps

A commercial truck cap or topper can take your pickup truck’s productivity to a whole new level. Featuring additional side storage options, quick access doors and commercial latching systems, truck caps are a great option for those looking for increased work capacity in their pickup.

Truck Vibrators

Tired of excessive or bulk material getting stuck in the bed of your dump truck? Truck vibrators from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center allow for quick and thorough removal of bulk materials, providing you with less time spent with physically taxing unloading and more time on the road.

Van Interiors

Increase your uptime through organization with commercial van equipment from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center. Featuring lightweight products with near-limitless sorting capabilities, van equipment packages are a versatile work solution for countless vocations.


Whether you need MIG or stick welding capabilities, Knapheide Truck Equipment Center can meet your work truck welding needs with an on-board welder that can tackle those large, unexpected problems on a jobsite that require just a little more holding power.


When working off-road, terrain and conditions can vary drastically. When the road becomes unpredictable, the extra pulling power of an electric winch from Knapheide Truck Equipment Center can save the day and also serve as a versatile tool for any jobsite.

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