We sell our bodies through a network of more-than 250 independent or wholly-owned upfit partners. In order to purchase a Knapheide body, it must be installed on a new or used vehicle chassis at one of our authorized distributors.

If you're an end customer, you'll get Knapheide bodies and upfit in two different ways.

1. Search local commercial dealer inventory - This is the fastest way to get an on-the-ground, new Knapheide body upfit.

2. Work with your local Knapheide Upfit Partner - If you're in the market for a custom solution or a body upfit on your existing chassis, you'll want to work with one of our distributor partners.

You can also add any of the products on our website to your "build" and submit a quote request to one of our upfit partners online.


Sole Proprietor

For Small Businesses

Depending on your needs (custom vs. standard on-ground), you'll work with one of our local upfit partners or a commercial vehicle dealer to find a solution for your work vehicle fleet needs.

Commercial Dealership

For Commercial Dealers

You'll work with a local installation partner to outfit your lot with commercial vehicle upfits commonly used by your commercial customers. Vehicles can be customized to the needs of your market needs.

Fleet Management Company

For Fleet Managers

Knapheide has a dedicated Fleet Solutions team that can help coordinate larger, regional and national scale upfits fulfilled through our network of installation partners across the US.

You can't purchase a loose body from Knapheide. Our bodies must be purchased from an authorized upfit partner and will always be installed on either a new chassis or retrofitted on an existing applicable chassis. This ensures the  maximum safety and warranty standards are adhered to during the upfit.

Knapheide bodies generally only work with Class 2 (F-250, 2500, etc.) and up truck and van chassis. If you have something smaller, while there isn't a compatible Knapheide body, one of our upfit partners may be able to find a solution that works for you in the form of a complete new package or alternative equipment solution.

A chassis-ready truck body can be upfitted on any new or existing compatible chassis. Installed packages are complete vehicles with a new chassis, body, and other add-on equipment pre-configured and installed at Knapheide and delivered to you.

Work with your Local Knapheide Upfit Partner

Knapheide has a vast network of authorized distributors strategically located across North America. These experts can help you choose the perfect Knapheide product for your specific needs, answer your questions, and provide exceptional service. Search for a Knapheide distributor near you.

Knapheide Truck Equipment Centers

In addition to our independent upfit partners, Knapheide operates more than 30 Knapheide Truck Equipment Centers across the United States to meet the needs of customers big and small. Learn more about how Knapheide Truck Equipment Centers can take care of all your work vehicle upfitting and equipment needs.

Search Online Dealer Inventory

Many dealerships stock popular Knapheide products on their lots. You can browse pre-configured truck bodies and equipment and potentially drive away with your perfect setup the same day. Check with your local truck dealerships for Knapheide availability

Online Parts, Equipment and Accessories

Need specific Knapheide replacement parts or accessories? We offer a convenient online parts store where you can easily find and purchase the parts you need, or equipment like compressors, plows, shelving and more, directly from Knapheide.