What Can Knapheide Do for You?

Trace the history of our company and you’ll follow the evolution of transportation in America. With over 170 years experience in commercial vehicles, Knapheide can be your upfit partner for success. Whether it's high-volume or hard-to-do, Knapheide can handle the job that keeps your fleet on the road.

Build Your Fleet with Knapheide

If you're looking for tailor-made fleet solutions or upfits nation wide, contact us today.

National Coverage

Capacity & Capability

With dedicated fleet installation centers and more than 240 distributor partners spanning across the United States, Knapheide can handle everything from one-off to high-volume, Class 1 through Class 8, installations.

Top Upfit Equipment Brands

Top Chassis & Equipment Brands

As a manufacturer having strong partnerships with many of the top commercial vehicle suppliers and access to national bailment pools, Knapheide can help create the vehicle upfit you want with the quality chassis and parts you need.

Knapheide Service and Support

Partner Driven

From understanding your needs, developing your solutions and executing your orders, the Knapheide team is here as your partner. We'll take your upfit from concept to completion.


Work With Knapheide for Your Fleet

Upfit Resources

Install Centers

Our network of install centers and certified independent distributors provide our customers with unparalleled vehicle solutions, service and support nationwide.

Industry Sector Focus

With knowledge spanning across every work industry in America, Knapheide's Fleet Sales team has the experience and expertise to take your work vehicle fleet to the next level.


With access to major OEM chassis pools, extensive drop ship and ship-thru capabilities paired with our wide distribution network, you'll get your upfits as efficient as possible.

Knapheide Industry Sectors

If you can dream it, we can do it

No matter the line of work, application, environment or unique needs, Knapheide has years of experience creating and delivering custom vehicle solutions big and small.


Building Construction

Vehicle solutions for building contractors, civil engineering, specialty and more.

Delivery and Last Mile

Meet the needs of the next generation of consumers with Knapheide delivery solutions.

Forestry and Landscape

Vehicles designed for landscape and hardscape installation and maintenance.

Government and Municipal

Custom-built work vehicle solutions for all municipal needs.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Field service vehicle solutions to maximize rental equipment uptime.


Heavy-duty, customized work vehicles to execute solutions day in and day out.

Oil & Gas

Rugged and reliable commercial vehicles for the dynamic energy sector.


Work vehicles designed specifically to service and support rail lines.

Roadside Management

Keeping service fleets running efficiently for roadside service companies.
skilled trades-header

Skilled Trades

Tradesman around the country have trusted Knapheide to help them get their work done effectively.


Customizable vehicles built for telecom, broadband and wireless companies.


Utility service vehicles, large to small, built for specific applications