Ship-thru offers customers cost effective delivery by utilizing the OEM rail system. The Knapheide Manufacturing Company provides the most comprehensive ship-thru offerings in North America. Choose from the most popular chassis brands including Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Ram and Toyota. View the complete list of available ship-thru models, codes and locations below and find your nearest distributor here.

Express/Savana Vans/SRW Cutaways/Colorado/CanyonVP7Wentzville, MO
2500/3500 HD Silverado/Sierra Reg, Dbl, and Crew CabVUDFlint, MI
1500 Silverado/Sierra SRW Crew and Dbl CabVDEFlint, MI
4500/5500/6500HDVCTFlint, MI
1500 Silverado/Sierra SRW Reg & Crew CabWEZRed Oak, TX
Sonic/BoltWL5Flint, MI
CaptivaWF0Red Oak, TX
EquinoxVJIFlint, MI
MalibuWI7Kansas City, MO
Full Commercial Line80386 (BAC 158466)Mississauga, ON (Canada)
TraxVAYFlint, MI
TraverseSVOFlint, MI
G/Van/XL HybridsWT7Wentzville, MO
Silverado EVSQBFlint, MI
Cargo Vans (Excludes Cutaways)VAPQuincy, IL
2500/3500 Dbl CabVDLFlint, MI
Medium Duty SilveradoVHGNew Carlisle, OH
Ram 1500/2500/3500 HD99836AFlint, MI
Ram 3500/4500/5500 Cab Chassis99836AFlint, MI
ProMaster Cargo Vans99836ASaltillo, Mexico (Utilimaster)
ProMaster Cab Chassis99836AFlint, MI
ProMaster City99870ABaltimore, MD
Journey99836AFlint, MI
Compass/Patriot99836AFlint, MI
Grand Cherokee99836AFlint, MI
Ram 1500/2500/3500 Pick Ups/Ram C/V Journey/ Compass/Patriot/Grand Cherokee99836AMississauga, ON (Canada)
F-250/350/450/55031V-D9EKansas City, MO*
F-15031K-D9KKansas City, MO
F-150 Lightning31K-D9WKansas City, MO
F-150 (Diesel Only / Hybrid Only)31K-D9FKansas City, MO
E-Series Cutaway (SRW)31H-D9DKansas City, MO
Escape31J-D9ULouisville, KY
Escape/Escape Hybrid31K-D9UKansas City, MO
Transit31K-D9KKansas City, MO
F-250/350/450/550 SD31W-D9ELouisville, KY**
Maverick31K-D9RKansas City, MO
Fusion31K-D9RKansas City, MO
Focus/Ranger31K-D9LFlint, MI
F-150/250/350/Transit Connect Escape/Focus/Fusion36FMississauga, ON (Canada)
F-60031Z-D9DLouisville, KY
Tundra9CRed Oak, TX
Tacoma9QRed Oak, TX
AllUK5Ladson, SC

*Units will be redirected to Louisville.
**Most cost effective to ship thru Louisville. Cost varies by location as deemed by OEM.

Drop Ship Codes for Every Major OEM

Drop ship describes the process of a chassis being ordered straight from the manufacturer and sent directly to an upfit location. Drop ship saves the customer time in the overall process by eliminating the step of the chassis being delivered to the local dealer from the chassis manufacturer. Knapheide has 19 drop ship locations at company-owned locations and several more available via Knapheide distributors. Find your desired drop ship code via the table below or contact a Knapheide distributor for additional options. Find your nearest distributor here.

Austin, TX291118291118860102T7073
Birmingham, AL28806228806288HV90T1144
Charleston, SC31683931683988GUA3T2796UK9
Dallas, TX20066320066388RHA8T84511895542516
Flint, MI13205113198888MT14T824879225
Garner, NC31293731293788GNY5T9953
Griffin, GA26645726645788H187T67361995S
Houston, TX317689317689T1168
Jefferson City, MO14216714216788QZ05T8691
Kansas City, MO16106416106488QW78T3333
Largo, FL31819131819188JVB2T2855
Louisville, KY30035330035388FQL7T1550
McHenry, IL135012135011F88S65T7134
Miami, FL31293931293988JR95T8692
Midland, NC206129206129860265T82501894S
Orlando, FL23200623200688JW88T86942148S
Phoenix, AZ138844138844F88SVC9T3100
Portland, OR286321286321860370T1481
Quincy, IL13205213199688NV49T856980064X2492
St. Peters, MO30123130123188Q422T6592
Sacramento, CA26967526967588WNW9T9981X4489
Wentzville, MO29543729543788FSE1X10274
New Carlisle, OH145215145215F88M180T4518SAPKAF
Columbus, OH145216145216F88MTF3T4519
Cincinnati, OH144961144961F88MHX6T4519